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Available languages — FacilMap/Version 1
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FacilMap (formerly cdauth’s map) is an OpenLayers-based slippy map available on http://facilmap.org/ that aims to combine useful geographical information, renderings and tools of different projects into one reusable and extendable map. If you are a user that just want to view a map, FacilMap will offer you a very simple user interface to search for places (even using your browser search toolbar), create markers and share them with anyone (using the Permalink that saves the exact current view). If you are an OSM mapper, the map will provide you with several useful tools (such as an OpenStreetBugs implementation, the displaying of OSM objects and GPS traces and the viewing of different renderings) from different projects that will help you to assure the quality of your mapping data. If you are a Webmaster, this project will bring you a very easy JavaScript library to include an OpenLayers map with some additional tools into your website, offering the possibility to easily add layers from different providers, to add markers and some other features.




  • Create markers by clicking on the map (they will be saved in the Permalink)
  • Create and view OpenStreetBugs
  • Coming soon: measure distances and areas
  • Keyboard control using the arrow keys, + and -
  • Permalink in the browser’s address bar for the exact current view of the map (the URL hash part is constantly updated). The browser’s “Back” button can be used to go back to the last view.
  • Jump to your current location using the JavaScript GeoLocation feature.


  • Search for places using Nominatim.
  • Enter an OpenStreetMap Permalink or coordinates (syntax: Latitude, Longitude) to zoom to that point.
  • Enter the URL of a GPX, KML, OSM or GML file to display it on the map.
  • Enter the short cut “node 123”, “way 123”, “relation 123” or “trace 123” to show the OpenStreetMap item with that number on the map.
  • Add the search to your browser’s search toolbar (the URL would be http://facilmap.org/#s=%s).


  • Calculate shortest/fastest route for car, bicycle or foot using the MapQuest API.
  • Drag and drop the route start and destination.
  • Drag parts of the route to change its course (creating additional routing points, which can be removed again using double-click).


All features of the map can easily be integrated into other web sites. There are also some enhancements to simplify some OpenLayers features. See /API.

Source code

Available under AGPL-3 on [1]. The map is maintained by Candid Dauth.


FacilMap uses a bug tracker on bugs.cdauth.eu. Feel free to add bug reports or feature requests there.