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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

 from January to March 2012  from October to December 2012 from April to June 2013  from January to March 2014 

Gallery of featured images, from January to March 2013

Details and captions

Week 1 (from Monday 31 December 2012 to Sunday 6 January 2013) [Edit]


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Week 2 (from Monday 7 January 2013 to Sunday 13 January 2013) [Edit]

Year of edits 2012 video.png
  • English : Frame from the video "Year of edits 2012". This year's video features yellow and green effects for the redaction bot processing, and license changeover.

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Week 3 (from Monday 14 January 2013 to Sunday 20 January 2013) [Edit]

  • English : OpenStreetMap wedding decorations! At the wedding of User:Vlish he featured this poster showing where he and his wife were born, where they met, and where they married.

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Week 4 (from Monday 21 January 2013 to Sunday 27 January 2013) [Edit]

  • English : Taginfo shows what tags are used in the OSM database.

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Week 5 (from Monday 28 January 2013 to Sunday 3 February 2013) [Edit]

  • English : French mapping company GéoBretagne use OpenStreetMap and are working with high schools to contribute data to the project. Here we see teachers and students mapping the exact coordinates of Lauzach wind turbines and their access roads.

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Week 6 (from Monday 4 February 2013 to Sunday 10 February 2013) [Edit]

Oooc screenshot.png

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Week 7 (from Monday 11 February 2013 to Sunday 17 February 2013) [Edit]

T garmin.jpg
  • English : Life Long Learning Mapping Project : Şeyma, Kader, Neslihan,(teachers: Manfred, Miray) Simge, Özge, Our project aims to tackle the issue of gender-stereotyping. Students from Karacabey, Turkey, learning how to use a tracking device (Garmin) to improve OSM in Turkey.

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Week 8 (from Monday 18 February 2013 to Sunday 24 February 2013) [Edit]

Softcities map leggings.jpg

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Week 9 (from Monday 25 February 2013 to Sunday 3 March 2013) [Edit]

  • English : A stack of prints at the Karlsruhe Hack Weekend in February 2013, where 18 mappers from all over Europe spent two days at the Geofabrik office, working together on OpenStreetMap projects.

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Week 10 (from Monday 4 March 2013 to Sunday 10 March 2013) [Edit]

Glasgow park access network.png
  • English : Map showing distance from parks in Glasgow, using openstreetmap data and GRASS/QGIS network analysis. Dark red means further away from a park.

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Week 11 (from Monday 11 March 2013 to Sunday 17 March 2013) [Edit]

Navit on OpenPandora.JPG

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Week 12 (from Monday 18 March 2013 to Sunday 24 March 2013) [Edit]


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Week 13 (from Monday 25 March 2013 to Sunday 31 March 2013) [Edit]

Data tiles with 32MB of OpenStreetMap data.png
  • English : This curious map of the world, shows the result of dividing the OpenStreetMap dataset into quarters until each of these vector tiles is less than 32MB in size. An experiment by Eric Fischer (details)

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