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Welcome - Bem-vindo - Bine ați venit - Hoşgeldiniz - Dobrodošli - Willkommen


This page links you to/ gives you access to/ from this page you can access:

  • you will find on these sites the project's products and the outcomes of our work,
  • you can find links to our contribution to the OSM Wiki
  • you can see links to our wiki sites, this one is in English for the whole project, but see separate results in each participating country,
  • you will find a web-app for a wine path in Nittel, Germany; you will see the first wine path in Romania in the vineyards of Drăgășani and a very nice walking trail around the city of Izola in Slovenia,
  • we play with open cards: "our application" for download, so feel free to have an example for your Comenius application
  • download training material if you like to use it with your students,
  • see the areas where we added data to OSM (on the country sides only) and compare "before" and "after" our visit. :-)
  • we will give you some hints for mapping parties,
  • no secrets: see the tools we used to manage our project,
  • see the photos from the great team when we rocked mapped Romania,
  • and we are a bit proud that photos from our project where chosen to represent OSM as images of the week :-)

Luis, Portugal, with three students mapping the way to Predajamski Grad. Here they mapped: Luis mapped here! In the background: Gerhard Faß, the german Headmaster, discussing with Necdet, Turkey, (hidden by Luis) the progress of the project.
Madalina, left, from the Romanian team, photo mapping Piața Schiller, Sibiu (Hermannstadt) Romania

Life Long Learning? Comenius? BoostOSM?

The Comenius project was approved in 2011 within the Comenius program for Life Long Learning of the European Union EU. The official title of the project is: "To boost local and international tourism with OpenStreetMap". The project's acronym is: "BoostOSM"

Who we are ... from Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Germany?

On the linked wiki pages you will find the OpenStreetMap related work teachers and students are doing in 5 different countries in 5 different languages. These pages are not translated pages. Each country produces/has its own wiki, according to the needs of OSM in each country. See esp: Wiki pages, the students translated with help from teachers in Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

Karte comenius 2.pngGermanyTurkeyRomaniaSloveniaPortugal
About this image

You may select a country on the map above or select it from the BoostOSM navigation bar. Click "show" on the right of buttonbar below and then select the country.

Our schools in OSM - of course a sustainable result of the project ;-)

Why this wiki?

We think, our project could be a good example for other schools to start a similar project to help to achieve the goals of OSM or other FOSS projects. Students can learn a lot (see below) not in a "fictional situations", but in real life.

  • Contribution to OSM: - We show the contribution of each country to the wiki and to the map.
  • Tools we used: - We show the tools, we used to collaborate during the project for our "projectmanagement".
  • Project development: We explain the tasks, the development and the controlling.
  • Contact: - Please see the site of the participating countries (above and/or below). Email in different languages (TR, SL, PT, RO or DE) to osm_comenius (at) are welcome. The mailinglist will be open for your questions even when the project is finished.

What are the aims?

The main objective of this international project for schools is to complete respectively to widen the free OpenStreetMap in the countries involved (Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal and Romania). During the project students from different nations cooperate by completing map files of the different regions on OpenStreetMap that have not been completed so far and add so-called POIs.

In the same way marketing strategies using OSM are developed to take advantage of them for the promotion of tourism in the relevant regions.

Moreover, intercultural aspects, as much as the use of modern web technologies (web2.0), play an essential role in this project. Meetings of the schools involved enable students to get to know other cultures and languages. Within the two years the students take advantage of modern web2.0 technologies to communicate with the participants (mailing lists, blogs, social networks etc.) when they are not at the meetings. By doing so they learn to use them reasonably and efficiently. 

Can I see your application form?

Of course. We hope you will apply for a simliar project to help FOSS Projects. You can download an excerpt from the main part of our application here: Objectives Objectives

How can I apply for a similar project?

For more information about Comenius projects in general, please contact your "National Agency" in your country.

. .

Results and products of the BoostOSM project

The students and teachers from each country produced during this project various products and outcomes, both common and local (specific to the needs of each national team). Listed below are just some examples for the common results (obtained by more than one country, done in more than one language). For a more comprehensive and complete image on the project's outcomes, you should have a look at:

Translations in the OSM Wiki (additional)

Slovenia Romania Portugal Turkey Germany
Beginners' guide Beginners' guide .. Beginners' guide ..
B-Guide 1.1.1 Frequently Asked Questions .. Frequently Asked Questions ..
.. Ro:Hiking .. .. ..
.. Ro:Lanes .. .. ..
.. Ro:Speed limits .. .. ..
.. Ro:Key:leisure .. .. ..
.. Ro:Key:tracktype .. .. ..
.. Ro:Key:amenity .. .. ..
.. Ro:OSMtracker (Android) .. .. ..

The project translated the GUI of the following products (additional)

Name Software Provider Costs Slovenia Romania Portugal Turkey Germany
OpenRouteService Routing Department of Geography (Chair of GIScience) University of Heidelberg free .. .. .. ..
QA Editor Quality Assurance Grundid GmbH free ..
Routing Institut für theoretische Informatik free .. ..
Kort Gamified Mobile App to improve OSM data Hochschule für Technik, Rapperswil, Switzerland free .. in German available
  • OpenRouteService translations yet not made available online by the provider.

OSM QA Editor "" in "our" languages

The printscreen shows Drăgășani, Romania. The OSM QA Editor finds, in this case, residental streets without names. The issues can be solved directly (after logging in with your OSM account) from the OSM QA editor.
Click on the image - The editor opens in the first language of your browser. Türkish, Slovenian, Portugues and Romanian versions are translated by the students during our BoostOSM Comenius project

The project produced the following training papers (English only)

Download of training papers or in .pdf or in OpenDocumentFormat (.odt, odp)
.pdf to print as it is .odt, .odp adapt the paper to your needs and print your own version
Data -> Upload -> Rendering -> Map Data -> Upload -> Rendering -> Map Data -> Upload -> Rendering -> Map
Real Life -> Editor -> Key=Value -> Map Real Life -> Editor -> Key=Value -> Map not available
Keys and Values cheating paper Keys and Values cheating paper Keys and Values cheating paper
Waypoints paper Waypoints paper Waypoints paper
Quality assurance - how to discover errors Quality assurance - how to discover errors Quality assurance - how to discover errors
Quality assurance - how to discover errors in housenumbers Quality assurance - how to discover errors in housenumbers Quality assurance - how to discover errors in housenumbers
How to do a roundabout? How to do a roundabout? How to do a roundabout?
How to force rendering? How to force rendering? How to force rendering?

The project's bookmark

Front Back
Bookmark front.png
Bookmark back.png

Comenius BoostOSM as a part of the OpenStreetMap project

The mindmap below shows you the contribution of Comenius BoostOSM to OpenStreetMap. The smily (the yellow points) on the large version indicate the area, where BoostOSM contributed to the OpenStreetMap project.

BoostOSM in OSM.jpg

Pedagogical aspects

Who will do the translations?

How we prepaired mapping parties in Angra do Heroismo, PT; Karacabey, TR and Drăgăşani, RO

QA tools for high-school students

We made a very short and incomplete analyse of existing tools which could be interesting to use with students:

  • How can I report, discover and/or fix errors in OSM? Download here: Quality assurance Quality assurance

If you are interested in the original .odt to change it for your purposes feel free to send an email to osm_comenius at googlegroups dot com. (We could not upload it, because the wiki has a limitation of 2 MB and our file has 3.1 MB :-( )

NOTE - see lower right corner - a new function in OSM to show students what to do

This image shows Karacabey, Turkey. This city was mainly mapped by our project. As you can see from the "notes", there is still a lot to do.
"Note" is a new function integrated in OSM in April 2013, very helpful for showing students, where they can work and what to do.

Problems and Solutions

The Terceira Coastline problem

Working on the coastline of an island with different teams

short description of the problem we had - and the solution in the linked file

Download english version Problems with the coastline on the island of Terceira, Azores, Portugal ... and a solution Problems with the coastline on the island of Terceira, Azores, Portugal ... and a solution PDF (125 KB)
Civil Ensign of Slovenia.svg

Flag of Romania.svg

Flag of Portugal.svg

Flag of Turkey.svg

Flag of Germany.svg

To use data from OSMTracker for Android(tm)


Tools for project management

Google Spreadsheet, Internal Mailinglists, OSM Lists, ...

We use Google Docs Spreadsheet for our "project management". All teachers have access with read and write rights to this spreadsheet. A short explation about the sheet can be found below.

  • Items: In column "A" you can see the list of tasks. We are working on different mailing lists.
    • Public and private mailing lists: We created an internal mailing list for all participants of all countries (communication there: english). Some countries created an "internal" mailing list to improve communication between teachers and students. (communication on these lists: TR, PT, SL, RO, DE). All teachers are members of the relevant mailing list of their countries. The canonical list of Mailing lists available is at: *
  • Translations: Neither the "FAQ", nor the "Beginners' Guide" were available at the beginning of the project in RO, PT, TR and SL language. So teachers with their students translated both and in so doing, learned many things about OSM. In the table above you can see, that FAQ and Beginners Guide had to be translated up until the meeting in Slovenia. The green colour in the table indicates, that this item has been completed. Some of the translations you can just find in the wiki Ro:Beginners' guide; others still need to be uploaded.

Work between two meetings

  • Colours: With the help of colours we create as much transparency as possible. Every teacher can check very quickly what's still left to do and the status of the item. Teachers can give "read" rights to their students, so that they can follow the tasks and see what has to be done.

Communication and Visibility

The mapping party in Turkey - Projemizin Medyadaki Yankıları

The project had a warm welcome in Turkey where we were honored to meet and collaborate with Dr. H. Can Ünen, Research assistant at Istanbul Technical University, and his students at our mapping party. To thank him, Istanbul Technical University and the Turkish OSM community, we will keep this part in Turkish :). See him talking about OSM and BoostOSM here: [1]

  • Projemize destek veren İTÜ, Geomatik Mühendisliği Bölümü'nden Dr. H. Can Ünen, Alternatif Bilişim TV'de projemizden bahsetti. İzlemek için tıklayın.

Mapping Romania

MINT - Mathematics - IT - Natural Sciences - Technologie

We were allowed to show our project at a PAD congress "Frischen Wind in MINT" end of may 2013 in Magdeburg.

STENCIL Science Teaching European Network for Creativity and Innovation in Learning

We are listed :)

... and ... we produced images of the week for the Main Page of OSM wiki :)

T garmin.jpg
Students and teachers from five countries meet in Saarburg, Germany to learn how to gather data, use mapping devices, feed in and maintain the OSM data. Meetings in Portugal, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey will follow as part of this two year EU funded Comenius project Şeyma, Kader, Neslihan,(teachers: Manfred, Miray) Simge, Özge, Our project aims to tackle the issue of gender-stereotyping. Students from Karacabey, Turkey, learning how to use a tracking device (Garmin) to improve OSM in Turkey.
Students from Azores Islands, Portugal, visiting Germany on a training course in JOSM and QA Editor as part of the Life Long Learning Mapping Project Final meeting in Dragasani and Rm. Valcea ... experienced mappers now!

Who participates from Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Germany?

Comenius OSM and Tourism Sl: Life Long Learning Mapping Project Ro: Life Long Learning Mapping Project Pt:Life Long Learning Mapping Project Tr: Life Long Learning Mapping Project DE: Life Long Learning Mapping Project

Comenius-Logo Disclaimer: ‘This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’

"Dieses Projekt wird mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung trägt allein der Verfasser; die Kommission haftet nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben."

"Acest proiect a fost finanţat cu sprijinul Comisiei Europene. Această publicaţie reflectă doar punctual de vedere al autorului şi Comisia nu este responsabilă pentru eventuala utilizare a informaţiilor pe care le conţine."