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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

 from January to March 2014  from October to December 2014 from April to June 2015  from January to March 2016 

Gallery of featured images, from January to March 2015

Details and captions

Week 1 (from Monday 29 December 2014 to Sunday 4 January 2015) [Edit]

Seconda assemblea nazionale ordinaria 2014 dell'associazione Wikimedia Italia @TIM4Expo Milano 04.JPG

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Week 2 (from Monday 5 January 2015 to Sunday 11 January 2015) [Edit]

  • English : On Alaska Airlines, passengers can visualize the progress of their flight on their devices via Gogo WiFi inflight internet service

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Week 3 (from Monday 12 January 2015 to Sunday 18 January 2015) [Edit]

2014 a year of edits lesotho2.gif
  • English : Animation showing the 2014 activity taking Lesotho from a blank spot on the map (approx 50k nodes) towards a full and rich set of map data. This work was completed in a large part by locals and government planners looking to utilise OpenStreetMap data as part of their workflow

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Week 4 (from Monday 19 January 2015 to Sunday 25 January 2015) [Edit]

Staffordshire new year 2015 mapping walk.jpg

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Week 5 (from Monday 26 January 2015 to Sunday 1 February 2015) [Edit]

Italy carabinieri contacts.png
  • English : The website of the Italian gendarmerie (Carabinieri) now features as the only map, an OpenStreetMap map with a prominent copyright link. This is the first recorded use of a military force using OSM.

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Week 6 (from Monday 2 February 2015 to Sunday 8 February 2015) [Edit]

OSM Training Quito.jpg
  • English : German and Ecuadorian teachers of Geography, History and IT proudly present the results of a mapping training session with JOSM. These teachers will pass on this training to other colleagues, and integrate some aspects of it into the curriculum to help Ecuadorean students improve their skills further.

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Week 7 (from Monday 9 February 2015 to Sunday 15 February 2015) [Edit]

Bajrabarahi Nepal mapping training.jpg
  • English : Local citizens from Bajrabarahi, Makwanpur, Nepal mapping their towns and villages. Kathmandu Living Labs, pioneer of OpenStreetMap in Nepal, was involved in training them. The training mostly focused on mapping agriculture and food security data

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Week 8 (from Monday 16 February 2015 to Sunday 22 February 2015) [Edit]

3D glasses map style Paris.png

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Week 9 (from Monday 23 February 2015 to Sunday 1 March 2015) [Edit]

Berlin OSM poster.jpg
  • English : The main station in Berlin now has detailed OpenStreetMap maps of the city.

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Week 10 (from Monday 2 March 2015 to Sunday 8 March 2015) [Edit]

MapLesotho on Lesotho TV.jpg
  • English : OpenStreetMap Lesotho members on Lesotho National TV show talking about #MapLesotho

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Week 11 (from Monday 9 March 2015 to Sunday 15 March 2015) [Edit]

OSM Orange RomanTheatre 3DRendering.png
  • English : Spectacular 3D-rendering of the Roman Theatre in Orange in France (map) made only from OpenStreetMap data mapped by Marcel Herault

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Week 12 (from Monday 16 March 2015 to Sunday 22 March 2015) [Edit]

2015 ICMS and Kathmandu Living Labs mapping.jpg

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Week 13 (from Monday 23 March 2015 to Sunday 29 March 2015) [Edit]

Tronish Tangram style.png

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