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These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

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Gallery of featured images, from July to September 2009

Details and captions

Week 27 (from Monday 29 June 2009 to Sunday 5 July 2009) [Edit]

Osmlive 24hrs.png
  • English : The osmlive service shows worldwide OSM edits in delayed real-time. This image shows the result of a typical 24 hours of activity.

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Week 28 (from Monday 6 July 2009 to Sunday 12 July 2009) [Edit]

TrafficMan device 022.png

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Week 29 (from Monday 13 July 2009 to Sunday 19 July 2009) [Edit]

  • English : A multi-scale density visualization shows vessel movements in front of Rotterdam harbor.

More info and large-scale overlays: Visualization of vessel movements by Niels Willems, Huub van de Wetering and Jarke J. van Wijk

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Week 30 (from Monday 20 July 2009 to Sunday 26 July 2009) [Edit]

SOTM09 Group Photo.jpg

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Week 31 (from Monday 27 July 2009 to Sunday 2 August 2009) [Edit]


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Week 32 (from Monday 3 August 2009 to Sunday 9 August 2009) [Edit]

WestBank mappers.png

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Week 33 (from Monday 10 August 2009 to Sunday 16 August 2009) [Edit]


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Week 34 (from Monday 17 August 2009 to Sunday 23 August 2009) [Edit]

Dublin ga.png

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Week 35 (from Monday 24 August 2009 to Sunday 30 August 2009) [Edit]

Perth cycle.png

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Week 36 (from Monday 31 August 2009 to Sunday 6 September 2009) [Edit]

Burningman center.png

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Week 37 (from Monday 7 September 2009 to Sunday 13 September 2009) [Edit]

Dolomiti mp.JPG
  • English : Dolomiti Mapping Party three days on the Chain of the Brenta's Dolomites. Here we are at Tuckett alpine hut

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Week 38 (from Monday 14 September 2009 to Sunday 20 September 2009) [Edit]


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Week 39 (from Monday 21 September 2009 to Sunday 27 September 2009) [Edit]

Gaza tourist.png
  • English : A tourist map of the Gaza strip! Would you ever see this from a commercial map?

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