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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

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Gallery of featured images, from April to June 2009

Details and captions

Week 14 (from Monday 30 March 2009 to Sunday 5 April 2009) [Edit]


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Week 15 (from Monday 6 April 2009 to Sunday 12 April 2009) [Edit]

Routing plugin.png

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Week 16 (from Monday 13 April 2009 to Sunday 19 April 2009) [Edit]

GroundTruthContours Overview.png
  • English : GroundTruth-generated relief contours map for Garmin GPS units. The elevation data source is SRTM. This is a MapSource screenshot of map tiles. See here for more info.

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Week 17 (from Monday 20 April 2009 to Sunday 26 April 2009) [Edit]

CloudMade Bicycle Routing.png

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Week 18 (from Monday 27 April 2009 to Sunday 3 May 2009) [Edit]

Cambridge, MA.png
  • English : The building and open space layers from MassGIS for large swathes of Massachusetts have been imported thanks to effort by User:crschmidt and others in the region. [1]

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Week 19 (from Monday 4 May 2009 to Sunday 10 May 2009) [Edit]

Tim Berners-Lee in hi viz vest.jpg
  • English : Sir Tim Berners-Lee recently received both a doctor honoris causa award (for his outstanding contributions to the WWW [2][3]) and a hi-viz vest (for his outstanding mentions of OSM [4])

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Week 20 (from Monday 11 May 2009 to Sunday 17 May 2009) [Edit]

TopOSM example3.jpg

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Week 21 (from Monday 18 May 2009 to Sunday 24 May 2009) [Edit]

Mapanalyst madrid.png
  • English : MapAnalyst is an open source tool for distortion analysis in old maps, that uses OSM as a the default reference cartography. (Shown here: 1:50k map of Madrid dated from 1875)

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Week 22 (from Monday 25 May 2009 to Sunday 31 May 2009) [Edit]

100 2241.jpg

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Week 23 (from Monday 1 June 2009 to Sunday 7 June 2009) [Edit]


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Week 24 (from Monday 8 June 2009 to Sunday 14 June 2009) [Edit]


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Week 25 (from Monday 15 June 2009 to Sunday 21 June 2009) [Edit]

Tah-heatmap default rendering thumb 512px.png
  • English : A "heat-map" of OpenStreetMap complexity worldwide (Tah-heatmap)

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Week 26 (from Monday 22 June 2009 to Sunday 28 June 2009) [Edit]

  • English : The HaptoRender project has created the first tactile map using OpenStreetMap data.

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