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These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

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Gallery of featured images, from October to December 2010

Details and captions

Week 40 (from Monday 4 October 2010 to Sunday 10 October 2010) [Edit]

Marburg blind mapping.jpg
  • English : Mapping Party in Marburg, Germany: Blind and seeing mappers discover a tactile model of Elisabethkirche with accessible GPS devices.

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Week 41 (from Monday 11 October 2010 to Sunday 17 October 2010) [Edit]

VLMW Group Photo.jpg

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Week 42 (from Monday 18 October 2010 to Sunday 24 October 2010) [Edit]


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Week 43 (from Monday 25 October 2010 to Sunday 31 October 2010) [Edit]

Axismaps closeup.jpg

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Week 44 (from Monday 1 November 2010 to Sunday 7 November 2010) [Edit]

  • English : Kite photography from up to 650 m / 2000 ft altitude (and a flying OSM advert) – some early results. Photographer: "Imagery will hopefully be served as tiles / WMS for use in editors"

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Week 45 (from Monday 8 November 2010 to Sunday 14 November 2010) [Edit]


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Week 46 (from Monday 15 November 2010 to Sunday 21 November 2010) [Edit]

  • English : OSM maps used for political campaigning (Toronto)

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Week 47 (from Monday 22 November 2010 to Sunday 28 November 2010) [Edit]

  • English : OSM maps in German, Norwegian and French editions of Wikipedia. (Example – select "Kart/carte" next to coordinates)

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Week 48 (from Monday 29 November 2010 to Sunday 5 December 2010) [Edit]


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Week 49 (from Monday 6 December 2010 to Sunday 12 December 2010) [Edit]

Hjerting josm bing.gif
  • English : Animation of 2 hours' tracing of Bing imagery with JOSM. (Street names added from addr: nodes)

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Week 50 (from Monday 13 December 2010 to Sunday 19 December 2010) [Edit]

  • English : A great day mapping for residents of Montreuil-le-Gast ([2]) (Brittany, France). The first time for many of us, but ultimately a great success! To be continued...

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Week 51 (from Monday 20 December 2010 to Sunday 26 December 2010) [Edit]

Extrusion in mapnik16.png

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Week 52 (from Monday 27 December 2010 to Sunday 2 January 2011) [Edit]

Urban accessibility map of Castelfiorentino.png

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