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The section below is quite dated, and the recommendation to use cgpsmapper or web based cgpsmapper should be taken care of, because cgpsmapper personal or free versions conflict with CCBYSA 2.0 licence (cgpsmapper created maps may not be sold). Also mkgmap has evolved very far and offers many more features than cgpsmapper does. The major drawback is that there are still some quirks related to address search on GPS (inside Mapsource it works 90% correct) and routing inside Mapsource (routing on GPS works fine though).

To start creating your own maps, best look here first (and also look at the mkgmap mailing list as the wiki page is often outdated concerning the newest features and/or bugs solved) Mkgmap

Creating maps using cgpsmapper

The Freemap site now offers a semi-automatic way of generating maps for your Garmin GPS from OSM data within the UK. This works in conjunction with Stanislaw Kozicki's cGPSmapper software.

For Magellan Triton GPS users, automatic online generation is available: The RMP Creator: (you need the Java runtime installed). For more information, have a look at the Magellan section: Magellan

Quick introduction to cGPSmapper

cGPSmapper is a piece of software, written by Stanislaw Kozicki, to prepare detailed background maps for your Garmin GPS. It takes as its input a data format known as "Polish Format" and generates, as output, a binary format known as .img. The .img format can then be uploaded directly to your GPS using another utility written by Stanislaw Kozicki, "sendmap". You can download both utilities, and get much more information about them, from the cGPSmapper site.

How to do it

  1. Get the map
    1. Go to the GPS maps page on Freemap and enter the latitude and longitude bounds of the area you're interested in. Alternatively, go to the main Freemap page, navigate to the area you're interested in on the map, and click the "GPS Map" button on the right, to autogenerate a GPS map of the currently-displayed area.
    2. Instead of the above you can also use osm2pl found here [1] to convert a local OSM file into a Polish Map. This would be especially useful if you want to convert whole countries (i.e. download from geofabrik - you might need to cut the osm file into smaller tiles for countries that have loads of data like Germany with Osmosis into tiles beforehand).
  2. A Polish format file of your selected area will be generated and displayed on the browser. Copy and paste this to a text editor such as Notepad or kwrite, and save the file with a .mp extension.
  3. If you have not done so already, download cgpsmapper and sendmap from the cGPSmapper site.
  4. Convert the Polish format file to a .img file, e.g:
  5. Send the .img file to your GPS, e.g:
    sendmap COM1 file.img
    Note that COM1 is the identity of your serial port. It might be /dev/ttyS0 on a Linux system. Both utilities, cgpsmapper and sendmap, have help pages which list all options.
  6. That's it! You now have an OSM map on your GPS!

Alternative Processes to create Garmin Maps

  • OSM_Composer Graphical Interface for map creation which uses mkgmap to render maps, but due to preprocessing supports some features that mkgmap cannot do on its own (on the other hand not all mkgmap features are supported).:
  • Mkgmap OSM --> IMG conversion. OpensSource converter for OSM/Polish Maps to Garmin .img
  • OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Cycle_map The first project to produce cycle specific maps with mkgmap.
  • OSM_Map_On_Garmin/mtb_map Example for producing MTB specific maps using OSM Composer.


Ready to use maps for Magellan GPS: