Gaza War 2008-2009

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All BBC information is (c) Copyright BBC. It can only be used as a source in assocation with a significant amount of other sources which confirm the information.

The BBC published Map: Gaza offensive - Week One and Map: Gaza offensive - Week Two. Note this map show the Rafah Crossing too far north probably in the position of the Salah Edin Gate (which is now closed). This map also shows the Yabna Refugee Camp in the position where we have 'Tall as Sultan'. Yabna appears to our research to be an old name or old camp and not a name currently in use. Zeitoun is shown near Netzarim whereas it is actually a suburb of Gaza City much further to the north.

They have also published a Gaza Conflict Map. note that Jabalie too far to the east and it also shows Rafah in the position of the old town/Rafah camp and it should probably be shown further south.

The UN Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT) published a series of Gaza Crisis maps. The first was published on the 31 December 2008 using imagery from June 2007 (copyright Digital Globe).

They published UPDATE 1: Situation Map-Gaza Crisis on the 5 January 2009. The imagery which is the base for the map is (c) Digital Globe June 2007. The image is overlaid with settlement names, the locations of hospital, mosques and education establishments. The position of Tall as Sultan it shown too far to the north.

A further Damage assessment for the Gaza City area on the 9th January using imagery from the 6th January. This image is overlaid with the names of the Suburbs of Gaza City. The base image is (c) GeoEye 2008.

They published UPDATE 2: Damage Assessment Overview for Gaza & Gaza North Governorates - Update 2 on the 16 January 2009. The imagery which is the base for the map is (c) Digital Globe 16 January 2009. Good coverage of Gaza City and North Gaza area with locality names and road overlay (unnamed), the photographic image is quite poor.

Update UNOSAT has released source files in ESRI Geodatabase and KML. Attritubion should be given to “Damage Analysis: UNITAR-UNOSAT”. This data itself may not be useful to OSM, but perhaps generally useful.

The data does not reflect the official opinion of the European Communities or other European Community institutions. Neither the European Commission or any person or company acting on behalf of the European Commission is responsible for the use that may be made of the data.

C European Communities, 1995-2009 Reproduction is authorised, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is fully acknowledged in the form "Source: European Commission, Joint Research Centre,

Here are some links to the OCHA maps.

  • Hospitals, Power Supplies: [1]
  • Street Map: [2]
  • Waste Water, Water Wells: [3]
  • Bisection Line recent conflict: [4]
  • Refugee Camps High Quality: [5]
  • UNRWA Camps Low Quality: [6]
  • Population Density: [7]
  • Sewage Treatment Plant North Gaza: [8]
  • Gaza Wharf and Fishing Area (as per Oslo): [9]
  • 6th Jan Damage Assessment: [10]

People willing to help

Add your name here, and what you're able to do, and a way to get in touch

  • User:Mikel
  • User:Pshipley
  • User:PeterIto I seem to be taking 'facilitator' and 'fundraiser' roles
  • Firefishy
  • User:NeilP
  • Richard will readily reproject/tile any aerial imagery for use in Potlatch
  • User:LeedsTracker can trace some satellite pics. Submitted a story to boingboing on 2009-01-17, kottke and slashdot on 2009-01-21
  • User:FredB : I have traced some streets in the Northeast with the Nasa Landsat imagery and contacted some French associations (waiting for replies).
  • User:Sergionaranja : satellite tracing
  • Simone: dealing with the company selling the images in Rome, satellite tracing.
  • John07 satellite tracing
  • Lucadelu satellite tracing
  • steve8 satellite tracing, or anything else I can do remotely, frequent mapnik renders to temp server space given an automatically generated selected .osm file (as per geofabrik selections)
  • Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason interested in tracing the 2m aerial photography
  • Earle Martin also interested in tracing
  • Claudius satellite tracing; familiar with tracing (Iran, Gaza); JOSM development
  • Dalkvist satellite tracing
  • Chippy can trace aerial imagery.
  • Ciarán - Will trace until my eye's bleed.
  • Donovan - I have arcINFO and can do networks (Street networks, assessing travel times, etc...), digitizing and classification of imagery, and incorporate the amenities into the network to see what is readily available and determine if infrastructure is adequate for population


Amer Rabayah of Engineers Without Borders, Palestine

"EWB-Palestine supports OpenStreetMap's effort to create a free and open map of Gaza. This important work will assist the logistics for international agencies and humanitarian organizations, when they are allowed to deploy, increase awareness and detailed understanding of the present crisis, and ultimately help people in Gaza"

Anne O'Sullivan of JumpStart International

"JumpStart International reaches out for immediate help to identify individuals with knowledge of Gaza's geography, road names, place names, and other geographic features who may be able to support an OpenStreetMap initiative to produce a comprehensive map of Gaza that can serve to support efforts by the UN and other agencies to better inform people and provide humanitarian relief in the Gaza Strip."

Thanks. More endorsements from organisations on the ground in Gaza will greatly help us in our efforts us raise the required money and allow us to get mapping sooner! We know the funds are there, the donors are just wanting to hear that this project is valued by the intended benficiaries.

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