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Kudos to the page which does a much better job of text descriptions, yet doesn't link to relevant data relations in OSM (via BrowseRelation wiki entries), as many OSM wiki readers have become familiar with. You might choose the text-oriented page now and that'd be good, however, if you need the OSM data we are building links into tables and that will take some time and effort into the future. So, see List of railroads in Georgia if text descriptions are "good enough for now." We could use something like that for OSM specific data, even if it is simply links in pages like the one ref'd above.

Like highways, railroad tracks have been imported from TIGER data and they share the same problems like unconnected segments, wrong tagging, missing bridges and railroad crossings and positions that are frequently off quite a lot. So a review is necessary as it is for highways.

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This is a very early stub of Georgia/Railroads. Please bear with OSM as it completes. The main focus now should be on mainline, branch and freight/industrial rail of the Class I and Class II railways in Georgia. There is a significant amount of work required to improve these TIGER rail data already entered while documenting their route=railway relations (even if it means we need to create them) in this wiki as we improve them. The Class III railways can follow after Class I and Class II are complete (at least fully documented in this wiki, not necessarily fully TIGER reviewed).

Editing Railroads starting from TIGER data

Please read WikiProject_United_States_railways#Editing_Railroads_starting_from_TIGER_data. After/during TIGER Review, the segments of a railway line with identical or very similar tagging (especially name=* and usage=*) should be collected into a route=railway relation.

Active lines

Lines that see regular, active rail traffic for freight, industrial, military, etc. If the railways are active non-passenger rail, they go here. If the railways are not active, they are placed into the Disused or Abandoned sections below. Very much under construction; now only a skeleton of the structure and eventually full tables of relations we aspire to complete as we document our progress improving Georgia's railway=rail elements into route=railway relations and completing TIGER Review.

Norfolk Southern Railway (NS)


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
AGS North District Norfolk Southern relation 8840798 Birmigham - Chattanooga (24 mi) Partially done
Atlanta North District Norfolk Southern relation 1441355 Chattanooga - Dalton - Rome - Atlanta (91 mi) Done
Atlanta South District Norfolk Southern relation 2195259 Atlanta - Stockbridge - McDonough - Macon (84 mi) Done
Albany District Norfolk Southern relation 2195258 Macon - Fort Valley - Americus - Albany (100 mi) Done
Augusta District Norfolk Southern relation 2195258 Macon - Fort Valley - Americus - Albany (100 mi) Done
East End District Norfolk Southern relation 8840797 Atlanta - Birmingham (30 mi) Partly done
Greenville District Norfolk Southern relation 8840791 Atlanta - Greenville (133 mi) Partly done
Macon District Norfolk Southern relation 2195272 Macon - Warner Robins - Cordele - Ashburn - Tifton - Adel - Valdosta (150 mi) Done
Navair District Norfolk Southern relation 2195275 Navair - Lake City - Valdosta, Georgia Done Done with mileposts/defect detectors/speed limit
Savannah District Norfolk Southern relation 2195277 Savannah - Millen - Tennille - Gordon - Macon (190 mi) Done
Valdosta District Norfolk Southern relation 2195279 Jacksonville - Georgia line - Valdosta, Georgia Done


District Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Augusta District Norfolk Southern relation 2195260 Augusta - Waynesboro - Millen (53 mi) Partially done
Brunswick District Norfolk Southern relation 2195261 Macon - Hazlehurst - Jesup - Brunswick (185 mi) Done
Camak District Norfolk Southern relation 2195262 Waynesboro - Warrenton (50 mi) Partially done
Cedartown District Norfolk Southern relation 2198524 Cedartown - Bremen - Carrolton - Newnan (100 mi) Done
CoG District Norfolk Southern relation 12890066 Columbus - Ochillee (12 mi) Done
Columbus District Norfolk Southern relation 2195264 Fort Valley - Junction City - Columbus (80 mi) Done
Dublin District Norfolk Southern relation 2195266 Tennille - Dublin (40 mi) Done 30 miles are out of service, remaining ten used for car storage
Eatonton District Norfolk Southern relation 2195267 Gordon - Midgetville - Eatonton (40 mi) Partially done
Fairbanks District Norfolk Southern relation 2195268 Rome - Coosa (8 mi) Done
Griffin District Norfolk Southern relation 2195270 Macon - Griffin - Atlanta (90 mi) Done
Krannert District Norfolk Southern relation 2195271 Rome - Plant Hammond (12 mi) Done
Madison District Norfolk Southern relation 2195273 Macon - Gray - Shady Dale (70 mi) Done Shady Dale - Madison is sold to CaterParrot Railnet
Moores District Norfolk Southern relation 2195274 Augusta - Hephzibah (20 mi) Partially done


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Unnamed Norfolk Southern w9000638 b j Baxley - Hatch Nuclear Plant South Done
Hester Industrial Lead Norfolk Southern relation 12790832 Hazlehurst Done Serves 2 customers; a sawmill and another factory.
Rover Lead Norfolk Southern relation 13013980 Griffin Done Serves only one customer, most spurs are abandoned.
Wansley Branch Norfolk Southern relation 2198532 Done Serves Hal B. Wansley Power Plant with coal trains

CSX Transportation (CSX)

A Class I (major) railway.


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Atlanta Terminal Subdivision (A) CSX relation 13797271 Marietta - Lithonia (45 mi) Done
Atlanta Terminal Subdivision (B) CSX relation 13797270 Tucker - Tilford Yard (14 mi) Done
Atlanta Terminal Subdivision (C) CSX relation 13797269 Tilford Yard - Peachtree City (38 mi) Done
Atlanta Terminal Subdivision (D) CSX relation 13797268 Atlanta - Union City (6 mi) Done
Atlanta Terminal Subdivision (E) CSX relation 13797267 Belt Jct - GA-Kirkwood (3 mi) Done
A&WP Subdivision CSX relation 2195163 GA/AL Border|->Birmigham (157 mi) Partially done
Dothan Subdivision CSX relation 2195043 Thomasville - Bainbridge - Dothan ... Montgomery (208 mi) Done
Etowah Subdivision CSX relation 2195168 TN/GA Border| Chatsworth - White - Cartersville (90 mi) Done
Fitzgerald Subdivision CSX relation 2194154 Waycross - Douglas - Fitzgerald - Cordele - Oglethorpe - Junction City - Manchester (~ 200 mi) Done
Georgia Subdivison CSX relation 2195170 Augusta - Madison - Covington - Lithonia (145 mi) Done
Jesup Subdivision CSX relation 2194155 Folkston - Waycross - Jesup(72 mi) Done
Lineville Subdivision CSX relation 2195171 Manchester - LaGrange - AL Border - Birmigham (180 mi) Done
Manchester Subdivision CSX relation 2195172 Peachtree City - Manchester (40 mi) Done
McCormick Subdivision CSX relation 8818454 Greenwood, SC - McCormick - Augusta (63 mi) Done
Nahunta Subdivision CSX relation 2194156 Jacksonville - Jesup - Savannah (130 mi) Done
Savannah Subdivision (East Route) CSX relation 2195047 Ogeechee - Central Junction (15 mi) Done
Savannah Subdivision (West Route) CSX relation 2195047 Savannah - Burroughts (9 mi) Done
Thomasville Subdivision CSX relation 2194158 Waycross - Valdosta - Quitman - Thomasville (106 mi) Done
W&A Subdivision CSX relation 2195174 Marietta - Acworth - Cartersville - Dalton - Chattanooga (117 mi) Done

Note: Some subdivisions with very small mileage in GA are not included here


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Brunswick Subdivision CSX relation 2194153 Waycross - Nahunta - Brunswick Done Done with mileposts/defect detectors/speed limits
Bainbridge Subdivision CSX relation 2195042 Bainbridge - Tallahassee (39 mi) Done
Camak Subdivision CSX relation 2195166 Camak - Warrenton - Sparta - Milledgville (40 mi) Done 20 mi out of service
Cartersville Subdivision CSX relation 2195167 Cartersville - Rockmart - Cedartown (36 mi) Done
Gainesville-Midland Subdivision CSX relation 2195169 Gainesville - Jefferson - Athens (40 mi) Done


Subdivision Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Metcalf Spur CSX relation 2195044 Thomasville - Metcalf (9 mi) Done Serves a sawmill.
Coolidge Industrial Spur CSX relation 2197474 Thomasville - Coolidge (17 mi) Done Serves a fertilizer distributor

Short Line Rail

Shortlines operating multiple lines

CaterParrot Railnet

Line Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Valdosta Division CaterParrot relation 12840394 Valdosta - Willacoochee (44 mi) Done
Madison Division CaterParrot relation 13008109 Madison - Shadydale Done

Georgia Southern Railway

Line Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Fort Valley Line CaterParrot relation 12877787 Ft. Valley - Perry Done
Midville Line CaterParrot relation 9186468 Midville - Kerby Done

Georgia Southerwestern Railroad

Line Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Bainbridge - Cuthbert Georgia Southerwestern relation 9186471 Bainbridge - Cuthbert Done
Smithville - Eufaula Georgia Southerwestern relation 9186472 Smithville - Eufaula Done
Columbus - Americus Georgia Southerwestern relation 9186470 Columbus - Americus Partially done Out of service


Subdivision or Railway Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Golden Isles Terminal Railroad Golden Isles Terminal Railroad (GITM) relation 12798399 Anguilla Junction - Brunswick Auto Port Done
St. Marys Railway West St. Marys Railway West (SWM) relation 12804095 Pearson - Weresboro (->CSX Pearson Spur) (15 mi) Done Serves 0 customers. Only used for car storage. See the Website
Valdosta Railway Valdosta Railway (VR) relation 12581571 (->CSX/NS) Valdosta - Clyatville Done Serves 5 customers, including a papermill. Needs mileposts added. Website
Valdosta Division CaterParrott Railnet (CPR) relation 12840394 (->CSX/NS) Valdosta - Willacoochee Done 44 mi long
Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad (CHAT) relation 11041339 (NS->)Cedar Springs - Saffold (->CSX) Done 15 mi long, serves a GP mill
Bainbridge - Cuthbert Georgia Southwestern Railroad (GSWR) relation 9186471 (CSX->)Bainbridge - Colquitt - Arlington - Cuthbert (->HOG) Done
Chattahoochee Bay Railroad Chattahoochee Bay Railroad relation 12859265 Dothan - Hilton (25 mi) Done
Hilton and Albany Railroad Hilton and Albany Railroad (HAL) relation 2195265 Hilton - Albany (->NS) (60 mi) Done
Fort Valley Line Georgia Southern Railway relation 12877787 Fort Valley - Perry (12 mi) Done
Georgia Central Railway Georgia Central Railway (GC) relation 7480123 Macon - Savannah (221 mi) Done
Georgia Southern Railway Georgia Southern Railway (GS) relation 12966927 Cooperville - Metter (25 mi) Done
Midville Line Georgia Southern Railway (GS) relation 9186468 Midville - Swainsboro Done
Machen - Newborn CaterParrot Railnet relation 13008069 Machen - Newborn Done Used for car storage


Subdivision or Railway Operator Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
APC Farley Spur Chattahoochee Bay Railroad relation 12860416 Columbus (AL) - Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Generating Station Done more used for car storage than serving the plant
Savannah Port Terminal Railroad Savannah Port Terminal Railroad (SAPT) relation 12933102 Port of Savannah Done
Savannah & Old Fort Railroad Savannah & Old Fort Railroad (SVHO) relation 12952564 Port of Savannah (6 mi) Done

Historic, heritage, museum, excursion, tourism (passenger=local) trains

Under construction. Passenger rail in Georgia yet to be documented with relation links in tables here includes: Work in progress

It is often the case that statewide rail wiki break into two tables wiki-documenting such rail: one table for the route=railway relations (usually each railway=rail element is also tagged usage=tourism), another table for the route=train (or monorail, etc.) relations describing passenger service (stations, headways...). Additionally, amusement park rail are often sub-categorized in this section and it seems to be emerging to tag these with tourism=theme_park. California/Railroads has an example which may be helpful.

Railway Operator Relation Location TIGER Review Notes
Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad (SMPX) relation 13092057 Stone Mountain, around a stone mountain Done

Military Rail

Railroads used by the military.

Subdivision or Railway Operator Relation Location TIGER Review Notes
Fort Benning Railroad US Gouvernment? relation 12890067 Columbus - Fort Benning Done Fully demolished.
Fort Gillem Railroad US Gouvernment? relation 13036084 South Atlanta Done Fully demolished too. (including the Fort itself)
Fort Stewart Railroad US Department of Defense (USAX) relation 12915355 Walthourville - Fort Stewart (8 mi) Done

Disused lines

Lines that don't have regular traffic but with rail infrastructure in place. Tracks are tagged railway=disused.

Subdivision Operator Relation Route Notes
Dublin District NS relation 2195266 Tennille - Dublin (35 mi) First ten miles used for car storage, other 20 mi overgrown and officially out of service.

Abandoned lines

Former railroad lines, whether still visible on the ground or not. A formal abandonment process with FRA has completed. Ways are tagged railway=abandoned or sometimes railway=razed if they have become completely built over in urban areas or are now, for example, farmland which has reverted to a more natural state with no evidence of tracks having been there. These should be historically determined or able to be so, but sometimes this is difficult because of lost history.

Name old_railway_operator=* Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Moultrie - Thomasville ? relation 12843151 Thomasville - Coolridge - Moultrie Done Thomasville to Coolridge is used as "Coolridge Ind. Spur", after Coolridge tracks are removed, railbed partly converted to railtrail in/around Moultrie
Climax - Chattahoochee ACL relation 12844733 Climax - Chattahoochee Done
Climax - Amsterdam ACL relation 12844734 Climax - Amsterdam Done
Cuthbert - Richland SAL relation 12853443 Cuthbert - Richland Done
Cuthbert - Richland SAL relation 12853443 Cuthbert - Richland Done
Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester and Camilla Railway Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester and Camilla Railway relation 12863252 Ashburn - Camilla Done
Albany and Northern Railway Albany and Northern Railway relation 12863268 Cordele - Albany Done
Abbeville - Ocilla SAL relation 12869876 Abbeville - Fitzgerald - Ocilla Done
Fort Benning Railroad US Gouvernment? relation 12890067 Columbus - Fort Benning Done Fully demolished.
Pooler - Statesboro relation 12966928 Pooler - Statesboro Done Most parts are now roads.
Fort Gillem Railroad US Gouvernment? relation 13036084 South Atlanta Done Fully demolished. (including the Fort itself)
Keysville to Midville Georgia & Florida Railroad relation 14441407 Keysville - Midville Done
Augusta Southern Railroad Augusta Southern Railroad relation 14441406 Augusta - Keysville - Wrens - Gibson - Sandersville - Tennille Done
Greene County Railroad Greene County Railroad relation 14442163 Monroe - Good Hope (- Bostwick - Apalachee) Partly done Extend to Apalachee
Bowdon Railway Bowdon Railway relation 14442181 Bremen - Bowdon Done Extend to Apalachee


A railtrail uses a former railroad right-of-way for example bike or hiking paths, preserving the ROW for possible future re-use as a railway while providing a useful service in the meantime.

Relation Route TIGER Review Notes
Empty Placeholder Unknown


Work in Progress
Name Location Operator Mapping Progress Node Size Notes