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Government Gazette ΦΕΚ 253/ΑΑΠ/21.12.2015 is the legislative backbone for a the numbering system of a majority of motorways in Greece. However, there are two main exceptions in the Athens area (as of October 2017), because of the current state of the road signs (as reflected with the source:ref=sign tag):

  • The Α65 Egaleo Ring Road has not been downgraded, because the signage that designates it as a motorway still exists.
  • The Α64, Α642 and Α62 have not been renumbered to Α62, Α621 and Α64 respectively, because all known signage still uses the old numbers: in the meantime, the new numbers will use the proposed:ref=* key.

Tempting it may be to counter those exceptions, but OpenStreetMap is not a crystal ball.

List of motorways in Greece

ref relation name status notes
Α1 Relation 362575 Αθήνα - Θεσσαλονίκη - Εύζωνοι OK! part from Chalastra to Polykastro is trunk road
Α2 Relation 226778 Εγνατία Οδός OK!
Α3 Relation 1274761 Αυτοκινητόδρομος Κεντρικής Ελλάδας Not OK... under construction
Α5 Relation 414479 Ιόνια Οδός (Ιωάννινα -> Ρίο) OK!
Relation 9734254 Ιόνια Οδός (Ρίο -> Ιωάννινα) OK!
Α6 Relation 363465 Αττική Οδός OK! section Markopoulo - Lavrio upgrade planned
Α7 Relation 363845 Αυτοκινητόδρομος Πελοποννήσου OK!
Α8 Relation 363481 Αθήνα - Πάτρα Not OK... motorway in circulation (although narrow in some sections)
Α11 Relation 5944561 Σχηματάρι - Χαλκίδα OK!
Α12 Relation 967543 Βελεστίνο - Βόλος Not OK... Upgrade works are under way.
Α13 Relation Θήβα - Ελευσίνα Nay! Caution: Not existing (canceled)
Α24 Relation 5921590 Περιφερειακή Οδός Θεσσαλονίκης OK! no emergency lane nor green signs
Relation 5817844 Θεσσαλονίκη - Νέα Μουδανιά Not OK... no emergency lane nor green signs
Α25 Relation 553772 Θεσσαλονίκη - Προμαχώνας OK! section Kato Christos - Sidirokastro upgrade planned
Α27 Relation 411245 Κοζάνη - Πτολεμαίδα - Νίκη Not OK... section Ptolemaida - Florina upgrade planned
Α29 Relation 1243403 Σιάτιστα - Κρυσταλλοπηγή OK!
Α62 Relation 5832223 Κορωπί - Αεροδρόμιο OK! Caution: ΦΕΚ 253ΑΑΠ/2015 renumbered this as the Α64, but as of October 2017 the signage on location retains the old number.
Α64 Relation 364163 Υμηττός - Ραφήνα OK! Caution: ΦΕΚ 253ΑΑΠ/2015 renumbered this as the Α62, but as of October 2017 the signage on location retains the old number.
section Pikermi - Rafina planned
Α65 Relation 414152 Περιφερειακή (Οδός) Αιγάλεω OK! Caution: Although ΦΕΚ 253ΑΑΠ/2015 does not include this, the signage on location indicates the contrary.
Α71 Relation 6464010 Λεύκτρο - Σπάρτη OK!
Α90 Relation 8017874 Βόρειος Οδικός Άξονας Κρήτης Not OK... current highway is being upgraded
Α242 Relation 6243069 Αυτοκινητόδρομος 242 OK! pre-existing section is inferior to a motorway
Α642 Relation 364236 Αυτοκινητόδρομος 642 OK! Caution: ΦΕΚ 253ΑΑΠ/2015 renumbered this as the Α621, but as of October 2017 the signage on location retains the old number.

Toll tagging

Toll tagging in Greece.svg

Many parts of the Greek motorway network have tolls: use toll=yes for ways from which there is no "escape" to and from a toll booth (as shown above in red). For free sections of motorway (as shown otherwise), use toll=no.