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This is a plan for importing aquaculture facilities (marine farms) in Norway. The import is currently being reviewed by the OSM community.


The objective is to import all aquaculture facilities in Norway. The aquaculture industry is required to hold a license from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries ("Fiskeridirektoratet") in order to establish and operate an aquaculture facility. This way all facilities may be found in a central registry held by Fiskeridirektoratet. There are approx. 1.700 active farming facilities in operation, mostly fish farms and mussel farms. More than 50% of the world's salmon consumption is produced in these farms.

Aquacultures are rendered by OSM nautical charts, including


  • 14-22 November 2017: Dataset obtained
  • 12 December 2017: Explicit permission obtained from Fiskeridirektoratet
  • 15 January 2018: Import plan submitted for review by the Norwegian OSM mailling list
  • 20 January 2018: Import plan submitted for review by the OSM Imports mailing list
  • 25 January 2018: Import done

Import Data


Fiskeridirektoratet provides an online service for downloading.

Data source site:
Data license:
Type of license (if applicable): NLOD - Norwegian License for Open Governmental Data 2.0
Link to permission (if required): Explicit permission obtained 12 December 2017: Permission
OSM attribution (if required): Contributors
ODbL Compliance verified: Yes

OSM Data Files

The original data files may be inspected here: Google Disk

The following files have been used:

  • Aktive tillatelser - Active licenses/locations
  • Konsesjon flate - Permitted bounds (polygon) as described in license
  • NYTEK plassering ytterpunkt - Actual shape of location (polygon) as observed by NYTEK
  • Biomasse - Current fish species in fish farm

The quality of the polygons is mixed so a manual correction is needed.

Import Type

This is a one-time import. The import is mostly a manual job with the four files as guides for deciding the correct polygon for each aquaculture facility. Attributes from the different files are combined with the help of the Conflation plugin.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Only planned or operational facilities will be included in the import. Only attributes listed below will be used.

Tagging Plans

Some aquaculture facilities are onshore (one node only), the others are at sea (polygon or node). Aquaculture facilities at sea will get dual tagging - both the usual OSM tags and seamark tags. Here is the proposed tagging:

OSM tag Seamark tag Description
name=* (none) Name of the aquaculture facility
operator=* (none) Name of company operating the facility
landuse=aquaculture seamark:type=marine_farm Main tag
aquaculture=fish seamark:marine_farm:category=fish Fish farming
aquaculture=lobster seamark:marine_farm:category=crustaceans Lobster farming
aquaculture=oysters seamark:marine_farm:category=oysters_mussels Oyster farming
aquaculture=mussels seamark:marine_farm:category=oysters_mussels Mussel farming
aquaculture=seaweed seamark:marine_farm:category=seaweed Seaweed farming
fiskeridir:iid=* (none) Internal reference in aquaculture database at Fiskeridirektoratet, e.g. "14040"
fiskeridir:url=* (none) Link to aquaculture database with more information, e.g.

The seamark marine farm category tagging is according to the IHO S-57 CATMFA coding. The oysters_mussels category is for bivalve molluscs.

Aquaculture facilities which are supposed to be operational based on information in the dataset but which cannot be observed on the aerial imagery will be tagged with proposed:landuse=aquaculture and proposed:seamark:type=marine_farm.

Aquaculture facilities used for fish farming will get the following extra tagging (multiple species separated by semicolon):

OSM tag Norwegian name in dataset
fish=salmon Laks
fish=rainbow trout Regnbueørret
fish=cod Torsk
fish=halibut Kveite
fish=arctic char Røye
fish=mackerel Makrell
fish=bellfish Rognkjeks
fish=ballan wrasse Berggylt

Questions to reviewers:

  • According to the wiki there is a choice of either using aquaculture=* or produce=*. Which one should be used?
  • There seems to be a mix of plural and singular category names in the wiki (in aquaculture and in produce). What is correct tagging?

Changeset Tags

The changeset will be tagged with source=Fiskeridirektoratet and source:date=2017-11-22. It will be uploaded with the NKA_import account.

Data Transformation

No transformations except a simple upper case to lower case job in Excel and manual boundary adjustment according to aerial imagery.

Data Transformation Results

The final Aquaculture.osm file may be inspected in Google Disk. This file will be uploaded to OSM after merging with existing aquaculture facilities.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

As there are only ca 1.700 objects only one person will import the data.


The dataset has proved to be lacking in quality regarding exact location and shape of the facilities. During the import, aerial imagery will be used to make adjustments. If no facility can be observed in the imagery, a proposed: prefix will be appended.


  1. Download the following datasets from
    • Akvakultur - lokaliteter - one node per facility
    • NYTEK plassering/ytterpunkt - polygon describing shape of facility
    • Biomasse - Current species of fish in facility
    • Flate ihht. Akvakulturreg. - polygon describing bounds of the license
  2. Transform upper case names to lower case in Excel.
  3. Using the Conflation and Todo plugin in JOSM, manually work through all facilities:
    • Merge the three first datasets and remove bad data from import files
    • Adjust boundaries of the facility according to aerial imagery, using the last dataset as a background for guiding
    • If a polygon does not exist for the facility, keep the single node
    • Tag according to tables above
  4. Merge with existing objects in OSM and upload.

Steps 1-3 has already be completed.


There are only 169 existing aquaculture objects in Norway, some of which are the individual circular cages. They will be merged with the new dataset using aerial images to determine which version is the most current.


The aquaculture facilities may be checked versus the official Norwegian Nautical charts, which are available through default imagery in JOSM.

The following chart imagery may be used for QA: https://map0{switch:1,2,3,4}{zoom}/{x}/{-y}.png (tracing not permitted, chart not 100% updated)

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