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Proposal to import Nicaragua's forests data by the URACCAN to OpenStreetMap. This includes different types of forests, broadleaved, needleleaved and mixed.

Import Plan Outline

The import plan is to merge existing data in OSM about forests with the data provided. As on OSM there is very little data, this can be done manually.


  • To complete the current OSM forest coverage of Nicaragua.

Import Data

The data to be imported comes from the of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN) provided with a special permission.


One of the current problems in OpenStreetMap about Nicaragua’s data is the incompleteness and inconsistency of forest data.

OSM Data Files

Files are getting prepared over a github repository:

Import Type

One time import JOSM and manual adjustments

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Simplification of the data (around 50MB) should be taken into consideration??

Conversion and translation

Conversion from shapefile to osm


Tags that will be used are:
leaf_type=broadleaved/needleleaved/mixed Type of trees
leaf_cycle=deciduous/evergreen/mixed Type of forest
woodːdensity=sparse/dense/regeneration/unknown Density of forest

Changeset Tags

Data Transformation


Prepare data in OpenStreetMap

  • There was some useful information about natural reserves and islands. But these are not necessary forests. So these have been edited to take the respective tags (natural=wood) away.
  • There was some old information which is not valid and could be deleted. It was verified with Bing.
  • Some elements could be identified that need general review on the tagsː
 * Way: Onda (27447072)
 * Way: Seca (273716647)
 * Way: 161691805
 * Way: 161691808
 * Way: 161691803
 * Way: 161691806

Data Transformation Results

  • An OSM file with forest to import and properly tagged (using OSM tagging schema) polygons and relations.
  • ̈A reviewed OSM database where only already existing forests are tagged as such (consistant tagging)/

Data Merge Workflow



There is some information, which was drawn by users and seems to be better than the input data (natural=wood or landuse=forest). How to merge? It is not that much information. Could be done manually?