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Sample manhole

This will be a decentralized mapping event. Volunteers of Free Software Movement Karnataka(FSMK) are organizing 'Map your waste' mapping event using OpenStreetMap in coordination with GNU/Linux Users Groups of colleges across Bengaluru and in few other districts of Karnataka. The idea is to survey the area in the vicinity/neighborhood for sewage manholes, sewage lines and public toilets using Fieldpapers and OSMtracker/Keypad-Mapper_3/Mapillary in GPS-enabled android device. And then comeback to add the data to OSM using id/JOSM editor. For adding the data, we'll be using manhole=sewer tag and manmade=pipeline with type=sewage tags to add sewage lines. Currently there are no manhole or sewage objects mapped in India OSM(different tags used?) and looks like a unique mapping effort. :)

What you need

How to

  1. For manhole locations - manhole=sewer
  2. For sewage line - manmade=pipeline and type=sewage
  3. For public toilets - amenity=toilets

Please do not delete existing data unless you know what you're doing and map responsibly.