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Logo (which can be used when ITO are sponsoring events).

Ito World ( is a transport information company, based in the UK that supports the OpenStreetMap project in a number of ways. It was founded in 2006.


Ito Map

Ito Map is an online slippery map service offering a number of specialist map views.

OS Locator analysis

An OSM and OSL differences analysis tool compares the presence of streets from OS Locator with OpenStreetMap to find discrepancies, and promotes competition between borough counties! The OSM and OSL differences tileset is provided for use as a background layer in OpenStreetMap editors

OSM Mapper

OSM Mapper was introduced by Ito in July 2008 and was upgraded in March 2009


The 2008 - A year of edits animation[1].


Ito is the lead industrial partner in Ideas in Transit, a five year research project to investigate user innovation and user data collection projects in the transport field. Ideas in Transit is part funding Ito's support of the NaPTAN import into OpenStreetMap. The development of this product was part funded by the research project The development of the animation software used in this presentation of mass collaboration was part funded by the research project.

License review

Ito has been actively involved in the review process of the Open Data License and provided a detailed Legal review of ODbL Licence version 0.9 in March 2009. They also sought legal advice on the Foundation's Articles of Association in December 2008.


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