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プロジェクト自体をもっと学ぶために、Wikiは豊富な(時々少しまとまりのない)情報を提供します。「OpenStreetMapについて」で簡単な概要を手に入れましょう。現行の開発を技術的に深堀りするか、もしよろしければ、OpenStreetMapに関する書籍をご覧ください。OSMデータの科学的処理と分析のためのツールは、OSM Scientific Toolsで概説されています。Sukhjit Singh Sehra(OpenStreetMapの研究トレンドを見究める潜在的意味の分析活用)によるOSM研究の概要。VGI知識ポータルは、ボランタリー地理データのより広いテーマの研究を収集するために開発されました。しかし残念ながら、2021年6月現在利用はできないようです。


OpenStreetMap has a vibrant and open community, and we are happy about everyone who takes an interest in us.

There's no reason to study OSM from inside an ivory tower like you would study a colony of ants. You can come out and talk to us, tell us what you're up to, even discuss your methods or preliminary results, and you will generally have full cooperation from the community. As a community, we're sometimes a little sad if the first we hear of an academic project is when the paper is graded or published - maybe we could have offered some advice, or put you in touch with someone else who does similar work. At the conference SotM-EU 2011, Muki Haklay gave a talk with advice to academics interested in OSM and the video is available online.

An easy way to get involved in the community is to join the OSM science mailing list, where mappers interested in science and scientists interested in OSM meet.

Ideas for students

メインページ: /Ideas

OpenStreetMap has several open problems which would make good student projects. These are items that need researching and "longer-term" issues which could be worked on by students as a project separate from the core open source development progress happening within the community. Further projects might be on the Google Summer of Code.


If you are aware of a publication about OSM, feel free to add it to the list below, if it is missing. Please use the Template:Research publication to do so. Alternatively you can drop a note on Talk:Research.

In addition the WikiCite project inside Wikidata holds offers the possibility for a more structured collection of publication metadata. Those with "OpenStreetMap" as a main subject may be visualised in Scholia, a WikiCite tool. If you know of a paper about OSM that is not yet included in Wikidata, feel free to also add it there or drop a note (or a list!) on the talk page of this page: Talk:Research.


Below a list of universities and scientific institutions that are involved by different projects. This list is on scientific work only, please paste project specific content on a separate page to keep it short and readable. This is for OSM related GIS projects only!