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利用できる言語 — Contact channels
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OpenStreetMap コミュニティでは、様々な連絡チャネルを使っています。内部のコミュニケーションなのか外部のコミュニケーションなのかという区別はあまりしていません。 OpenStreetMap はオープンであり、あなたが新人のマッパーであろうと、私たちの地図を使おうとしている企業だろうと、 GIS データを提供している政府機関だろうと、その中のどの立場であろうと、あなた自身が OpenStreetMap の一部だと考えて構いません。先輩のマッパーがどのような認識を持っているか、連絡チャネルのいずれかに質問を投げてみましょう。それぞれの連絡チャネルは独自のエチケットの形を持っています。一般に、不必要な質問をしないように、先にウェブサイトよくある質問を検索してください(ヘルプも参照してください)。しかし、気軽に、歓迎されていると思って、私たちに連絡してください。

Q&A サイト

小さい質問については、 OpenStreetMap に関する質問を投稿したり、それに回答したりするための Q&A サイトを https://help.openstreetmap.org に持っています。まずはヘルプサイト FAQ を参照してください。詳しい情報は、 help.openstreetmap.org まで。


Mailing lists を参照してください。電子メールベースのメーリングリストは、特に "talk" メーリングリストは、おそらくコミュニティの「主な」連絡手段です。投稿するには「参加」する必要があります。話題に焦点を当てたリスト、大部分の言語の、地域コミュニティを持つメーリングリストもあります。地域コミュニティでは「主な」連絡手段として使っている場合もありますが、常にそうとは限りません。ドイツ語、ロシア語のコミュニケーションは例外で、フォーラム(以下参照)で多くの連絡が行われています。


国際的なフォーラムforum.openstreetmap.orgにあります。詳細は Forum にあります.

他の国には国ごと、または、言語ごとのフォーラムがあるかもしれません。例えば、フランス語のフォーラムは [1] にあります。

トピックごとのフォーラムもたくさんあります。例えば、 forum.pocketnavigation.de は最大のドイツ語圏の経路案内に関するコミュニティです。


If you see something missing or something wrong on the map, you can add a "note". This is pinned to a particular location on the map, and should relate to a specific problem/omission in the map data at that location. It can be a good way to contribute local knowledge, although editing the map directly is even better. Notes can have some discussion and replies are sent to your email address but only if your "sign in" on the website before adding the note. See Notes

For bug reports on OSM software please use our Trac or GitHub issue trackers.

For other ways to report errors see Error reporting.



IRCは人気であるリアルタイムで行われる文章でのチャットです. Sometimes there may be fewer users and conversations often get deeply technical, but newbies should feel free to come and ask questions - someone will be always willing to help.

OpenStreetMap の IRC チャンネルの詳細


XMPP is an alternative to IRC for those who prefer the newer standard (accessible via Google Talk, Jabber, LJ Talk, and many more). Multi-User Chat (MUC) channels:

  • [2] : Open Street Map
  • [3] : Austrian OSM channel
  • [4] : Slovak OSM channel


Some people also idle on a VoIP TeamSpeak Server

Server: technoculture.dyndns.org
Channel: "GPSDrive+OpenStreetMap"


It's mostly the easiest way to meet people and talk to them


Using personal messages at openstreetmap.org

When you are on someone's user page (www.openstreetmap.org/user/[user_name]), then you can use the link "send message" to send a message (you have to log in) to this user (who will be able to respond to your mail, but neither you nor the other will see the real e-mail addresses). You can have a look in the user's recent edits there to see if the user is active currently.

How to get to someone's user page?

  • If you know a user name, type in the URL manually in your browser's address bar: www.openstreetmap.org/user/[user_name] by replacing [user_name] with the mapper's user name.
  • There are various ways you might discover a mapper's name. In the data browser and 変更セット history displays, you can list users who have edited in an area or a specific object.
  • Find other users via tools which are showing nearby users.


If your query is about a single changeset, you could use the "Changeset Discussion" feature (details: see link) to discuss it.


People with an OSM account can use a 'diary' blog feature and there are some major blogs, listed at OSM Blogs.


  • Each wiki page has an editable "Talk page". These are primarily intended for discussion of the contents of the 'main' wiki pages to facilitate improving the information, but can also function as a small focussed forum around that topic. Creating discussions and replying to people using wiki edits may seem strange until you get used to it. Many OSM people prefer not to do this, and questions can easily go unanswered.
  • The wiki also allows you to contact individual users more directly in two other ways: On their user talk page (the talk page alongside their user page) you can leave a message which is also publicly viewable. Others can see your conversations and join in. Or you can privately email wiki users via the "mail user" link which appears on the left while view their user page. This only appears if users have supplied their email address in the wiki. Set this in your preferences to make yourself open to this kind of contact.
  • Generally, see also Wiki Help
  • This wiki offers a platform for the proposal process, which is one of multiple ways to introduce and discuss new features (tags).


You can also communicate with the community via these channels, but remember yoうu'll only be reaching whichever segment of the community happens to be signed up there:



For technical and operational issues involving OpenStreetMap's servers or systems, and in case of abuse of those systems, please contact the Operations Working Group.

For user accounts see Accounts#Quickstart.

OpenStreetMap 財団

The OpenStreetMap Foundation has its own wiki. It's here:


If you need to talk to someone about copyright violation, vandalism or some sort of dispute, contact the Data Working Group via this link: