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Official Twitter accounts

Twitter user@openstreetmap 
The official OpenStreetMap account operated by the communication working group (also on Mastodon Logotype (Simple)


Twitter user@sotm 
The State of the Map is the annual global conference of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. This official account is operated by the State of the Map working group.
Twitter user@osm_tech 
The OpenStreetMap operations working group. Operated by the team which run the OpenStreetMap servers and infrastructure (also on Mastodon Logotype (Simple)


Twitter user@bropenstreetmap 
The official OpenStreetMap account in brazilian portuguese language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@esopenstreetmap 
The official OpenStreetMap account in the spanish language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@openstreetmapfr 
The official OpenStreetMap account in french language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@ruopenstreetmap 
The official OpenStreetMap account in russian language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@deopenstreetmap 
The official OpenStreetMap account in german language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@openstreetmapgl 
The official OpenStreetMap account in galician language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@openstreetmapzh 
The official OpenStreetMap account in chinese language operated by the communication working group
Twitter user@openStreetMaphr 
The official OpenStreetMap account in croatian language operated by the communication working group

Local community accounts by continent / country

Account Country / Region Group/Organisation/Chapter name
(& website)
Maintainers (Primary contact)
Twitter user@OSMLatam OSM Latam System-users-3.svgVitor George (vgeorge on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)

System-users-3.svgCeline Jacquin (mapeadora on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)

User icon 2.svgAndres Gomez (AngocA on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)

North America
Twitter user@osm_hn Honduras OpenStreetMap Honduras
Twitter user@osm_ni Nicaragua OpenStreetMap Nicaragua (
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapMX México OpenStreetMap México (; @mapeadora @mapanauta @ealp
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapUS United States OpenStreetMap US (
South America
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapAR Argentina OpenStreetMap Argentina (
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapBR Brazil OpenStreetMap Brasil
Twitter user@osmCL Chile OpenStreetMap Chile ( @julio_costa
Twitter user@OSM_Colombia Colombia Comunidad OpenStreetMap Colombia System-users-3.svgSebastian Bravo (lsbravoc on osm)

User icon 2.svgAndres Gomez (AngocA on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)

Twitter user@osmpe Peru OpenStreetMap Perú
Twitter user@osmve Venezuela OpenStreetMap Venezuela (
Twitter user@OSMAfrica Africa OpenStreetMap Africa
Twitter user@OSMAlgeria Algeria OpenStreetMap Algeria
Twitter user@MappingBotswana Botswana Mapping Botswana Facebook user MappingBotswana
Twitter user@OSMBurundi Burundi OpenStreetMap Burundi
Twitter user@OSMCameroun Cameroon OpenStreetMap Cameroun Facebook group OpenStreetMap Cameroun
Twitter user@OSM_CD Congo-Kinshasa (DRC) OpenStreetMap RDC Facebook user OpenStreetMap.RDC
Twitter user@ComOSMTchad Chad OpenStreetMap Chad Facebook user OpenStreetMap Chad
Twitter user@OSMCI Côte d'Ivoire OpenStreetMap Côte d'Ivoire (
Twitter user@osm_ethiopia Ethiopia OpenStreetMap Ethiopia
Twitter user@OSM_Guyane French Guiana OpenStreetMap French Guiana
Twitter user@OsmGabon Gabon OpenStreetMap Gabon Facebook user OSM Gabon
Twitter user@osmguinea Guinea OpenStreetMap Guinea Facebook user osmguinee
Twitter user@OSMKenya Kenya OpenStreetMap Kenya
Twitter user@osmliberia Liberia OpenStreenMap Liberia Facebook user OpenStreetMap Liberia
Twitter user@OSM_Mali Mali OpenStreetMap Mali (
Twitter user@OSM_Mg Madagascar OpenStreetMap Madagascar
Twitter user@osmmaroc Morocco OpenStreetMap Maroc (
Twitter user@OSMNigeria Nigeria OpenStreetMap Nigeria Facebook user OSM Nigeria
Twitter user@osmreunion La Réunion OpenstreetMap Réunion Facebook user OSM Réunion
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapSn Senegal OpenStreetMap Sénégal Facebook user OpenStreetMap.Senegal
Twitter user@osmsierraleone Sierra Leone OpenStreetMap Sierra Leone
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapZA South Africa OpenStreetMap South Africa
Twitter user@OSMSouthSudan South Sudan OpenStreetMap South Sudan Facebook user OSMSouthSudan
Twitter user@OSMSomalia Somalia OpenStreetMap Somalia Facebook user OSMSomalia
Twitter user@OSMTogo Togo OpenStreetMap Togo Facebook user OpenstreetmapTogo
Twitter user@osmTunisia Tunisia OpenStreetMap Tunisie Facebook user osmtun
Twitter user@OSMZambia Zambia OpenStreetMap Zambia
Twitter user@osm_zimbabwe Zimbabwe OpenStreetMap Zimbabwe
Twitter user@osm_at Austria OpenStreetMap AT (
Twitter user@osm_be Belgium OpenStreetMap BE (
Twitter user@OSMcatala Catalan Countries OpenStreetMap Catalan Countries (
Twitter user@OSM_Deutschland Germany OpenStreetMap Deutschland (
Twitter user@osmcz Czech Republic OpenStreetMap CZ (
Twitter user@OSM_FR France OpenStreetMap France (
Twitter user@osmgalicia Galicia OpenStreetMap Galicia (
Twitter user@openstreetmapis Iceland OpenStreetMap á Íslandi (
Twitter user@osm_ie Ireland OpenStreetMap Ireland (
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapIt Italy OpenStreetMap Italia (
Twitter user@OSMLatvija Latvia OpenStreetMap Latvia (
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapPL Poland OpenStreetMap Polska (
Twitter user@OSMScotland Scotland OpenStreetMap Alba User:Chris
Twitter user@openstreetmapes Spain OpenStreetMap España (
Twitter user@OpenStreetMapSi Slovenia OpenStreetMap Slovenia (
Twitter user@openstreetmapse Sweden OpenStreetMap SE (
Twitter user@SwissOSM Switzerland Swiss OSM Association ( ThePacki, Geonick, SimonPoole
Twitter user@osm_ukraine Ukraine OpenStreetMap Ukraine
Twitter user@osmuk United Kingdom OSMUK ( Harry Wood, RobJN
Twitter user@osm_in India OpenStreetMap India (
Twitter user@OSM_ID Indonesia OpenStreetMap Indonesia (
Twitter user@OSM_IRAN Iran OpenStreetMap Iran (
Twitter user@OSM_IRAQ Iraq OpenStreetMap Iraq Telegram @OSM_Iraq
Twitter user@OpenstreetmapIL Israel OpenStreetMap Israel (
Twitter user@osmJapan Japan OpenStreetMap ジャパン (
Twitter user@OSMChina China OpenStreetMap 中国 (

Extra-local community accounts (region/city)

Twitter user@osmgraz 
Community Graz, currently maintained by Species
Twitter user@OSM_Ticker 
OSM Ticker for German speakers
Twitter user@osmBodensee 
D-A-CH-Region um den Bodensee
Twitter user@osmberlin 
Twitter user@osmmv 
Mecklenburg Vorpommern (currently unmaintained)
Twitter user@osmruhr 
Twitter user@osm_ulm 
Ulm and Neu-Ulm
Twitter user@osmburgos 
City in Northern Spain
Twitter user@MaptimeBogota
City in Bogota, Colombia
Twitter user@MapColabora 
Twitter user@geochicasosm 
Geochicas (OSM women) - admin @mapanauta @mapeadora @lasele
Twitter user@osmcatala 
OpenStreetMap for Catalan speakers
Twitter user@osm_bzh 
OpenStreetMap for Breton speakers
Twitter user@OSMLondon 
London. Maintained by Harry Wood + Derick
Twitter user@MappaMercia 
The West Midlands of England
Twitter user@OSMBristol 
Bristol. not so active.
Twitter user@BexhillOSM 
Bexhill-on-Sea. Community map maintained by User:DrMxy
Twitter user@OSM_Kansai 
OpenStreetMap Kansai
Twitter user@MappingDC 
Washington, DC
Twitter user@MaptimeTO 
Twitter user@OsmQc 


Twitter user@sotm 
The State of the Map is the annual conference of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.
Twitter user@sotmeu 
Updates on the European OpenStreetMap-Conference SotM-Europe.
Twitter user@NOTLM 
Night of the living maps


Twitter user@josmeditor 
Twitter user@vespucci_editor 
Twitter user@StreetComplete 
Twitter user@OSM_to (NASA SpaceApps 2021 project for providing automated geo-referencing for Ground Control Point)

Other accounts of interest

Twitter user@osmblogs 
Tweets all posts on (see also Feeds)
Twitter user@OSMBlogde 
Tweets all posts on
Twitter user@osmwa 
New Wochenaufgabe Wochenaufgabe
Twitter user@hotosm 
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Twitter user@SteveC 
The project founder Steve Coast
Twitter user@openrailwaymap 
OpenRailwayMap, the free online map of the railway network
Twitter user@OpenSeaMap 
OpenSeaMap, the free nautical chart based on OSM (no tweets yet)
Twitter user@CyclOSMorg 
CyclOSM, the free cycle map based on OSM.
Twitter user@shtosm 
Russian news feed by Ilya Zverev
Twitter user@learnosm 
LearnOSM, Project of @hotosm to make #openstreetmap easier to learn.

Popular hashtags

Twitter hashtag#openstreetmap / Twitter hashtag#osm 
Unfortunately we never settled on one or the other, but note that the longer form is less ambiguous. #osm picks up various other noise. Also just searching for the word "OpenStreetMap" works well
Twitter hashtag#switch2osm 
To promote the idea of switching from Google to OSM. See Switch2osm for more information.
Twitter hashtag#hotosm 
Everything that has to do with the Humanitarian OSM Team.

Fake accounts

Twitter user@openstreetmaps

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