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OpenStreetMap は、元々は匿名編集を許可していました。つまり、ユーザーを特定する表示をせずに編集することです。

OpenStreetMap は、今でもアカウントを作るときや地図の編集のときに完全な匿名性を許しています。あなたは好きなユーザー名を選ぶ事ができます。ここでは、仮に"Mapper32"とします。だれもあなたが本当は誰か特定する必要はありません。

元々は、このような "Mapper32" のような表示すら持たない編集ができていました。

残念ながら、このような匿名マッパーは、通常は事故ですが、他人の多大な努力の成果を消すことができてしまい、しかも消した誰かと連絡を取ることができません。OpenStreetMap の熟練者なら、一度はサイトのメッセージシステムを使ってこんなユーザーと連絡を取り、このような間違いを避けるように手助けし、作品が消される可能性を下げることをしたことがあると思います。





まず、これは2007 年以前にOSM に参加した極少数の人で、しかも匿名編集モードにした人にだけ関係があります。もしあなたがそのような人でなければ、読まなくていいです。

メインサイトに普通にログインして、そしてスクリーン右上にあるあなたのユーザー名をクリックします。「私の設定」をクリックします。そして、"Make my edits public" (公開編集にします)をクリックします。

"Make my edits public"(公開編集にします)ボタンは何をするの? 私のプライバシーは?

The "Make my edits public" button means that your edits on OpenStreetMap (including past edits) will be attributed to your user account. Your display name will appear alongside the edits, and people will be able to see these and send you a message via the website.

Your e-mail address will still never be made public (as per Privacy Policy) It's only your mapping username that is associated with changes to the map. If you don't want anyone to find out who Mapper32 really is, they won't.

This is the way it is already set up for the vast majority of OSM users. The change brings us more into line with successful communities like Wikipedia. If you have an account at Wikipedia, your username is always described in the history of pages you edit, and people can send you messages. Even if you don't have an account, your IP address (your computer's unique identifier on the Internet) is marked, which people can use to send you messages via Wikipedia.

If you have only edited map data in the area you live in, then people will be able to look at your set of edits and get a rough idea of where you live, but remember, it's only your mapping username that is associated with changes to the map. If you don't want anyone to find out who Mapper32 really is, they won't. If you are concerned about people discovering your real name, or cross correlating information from other online communities where you use the same name, you could always change your display name to something more anonymous. This comes with its own disadvantages. Using real names or sticking with the same identity across several websites helps you build up reputation and trust.

For uploading GPS tracks, note that your username is not associated with your GPS tracks, unless you expressly click "public" for each track.


If you don't want to click the "Make my edits public" button, your only alternatives are to (A) Make no further edits to OpenStreetMap or (B) Leave your anonymous account lying dormant, and register a new user account (which will not be in anonymous editing mode) This is not recommended. We strongly encourage you to stick with one user account for one user, and simply click "Make my edits public" without worrying about it, for all the good reasons outlined above.