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利用できる言語 — Historical Objects/Popup
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Historical Objects Popup Overview.jpg
Historical Objects Popup Details.jpg


The Detail view lists all other attributes of the object. The popup window may be closed with the ESC key.


A thumbnail preview image can be displayed in the popup window. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the full sized image in a separate browser window or tab. The image is chosen from one of the links image=* or wikipedia=* alternatively. If there's no appropriate image available a placeholder will be shown with the hint "Do you want a photo? Get involved!".

image=* ソースの指定

The image=* tag can be used with all OSM objects. Images from Wikimedia Commons are preferred because of their high availability and their (mostly) open licence. There are already images for a lot of objects. There are several ways to find an existing image:

  1. Map: Geo-referenced images can be shown on an OSM map: Toolserver.
  2. Wikipedia article: If there's a Wikipedia article, its images can be used. Often one can find the corresponding Wikimedia Commons category following the "See also" link - there may be more images.
  3. Categories: All Wikimedia Commons Images are categorized. Here's an explanation: Commons:Categories
  4. Search: Images can be found through Search. There's also an online Help on Wikimedia.

If you don't succeed finding a suitable image at Wikimedia Commons, you may upload one by yourself. Please remember that you're only allowed to upload images for which you hold the copyright. An online help is shown here.

Specify a Wikimedia-Commons image URL in image=*: Links should point to the file description page rather than to the jpg file itself. In the example "Semperoper, Dresden" the attribute should be given as follows: image=File:Semperoper at night.jpg. Please note that the short interwiki notation is accepted. (The following would be equivalent: image=https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Semperoper_at_night.jpg). There's discussion on which version is preferable.

The file description page enables the viewer to see also image meta information, licences, available sizes and so on. This is considered fair use regarding to the copyright owner.

flickr image URL in image=*: Images from the image hoster flickr can also be used to generate thumbnails from. The complete URL is needed. Please click on "Share" on the image description page and copy the shown URL to the attribute image=*. Flickr images must be made available for OSM. If they are published under a CC-* license, then everything is fine. If they are published under the default license ("All rights reserved"), then the additional tag "free4osm" must be set in the properties. This indicates the allowance to use the image for OpenStreetmap based maps despite of the restrictive default license.

Other image sources: There's a limited option to use image URL's to third party web pages. Please be aware that these images might have individual licences and that these images might be available for an inknown period only. The complete image URL is needed in image=* for third party images.

ソース: image=*
Example of placeholder thumbnail for an image without OSM permission.

First, the presence of the preferred tag image=* is checked. A thumbnail will be shown according to the following rules:

  • If there's a URL in image=* pointing to an image at Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons or at the OpenStreetMap-Wiki or Flickr with the above described constaraints, this image is used.
  • If there's a URL in image=* pointing to a page at Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons or at the OpenStreetMap-Wiki, we will try to use an image from that page.
  • If there's a URL in image=* pointing to an image at a third party domain, this image will only be used if there's an entry in robots.txt for the User-Agent “OpenStreetMap”, allowing this use explicitly. Example:
User-agent: OpenStreetMap
Allow: /

Live example: The directives in http://www.netzwolf.info/kartografie/osm/robots.txt enable the use of http://www.netzwolf.info/kartografie/osm/p/stuertz.jpg but not of http://www.netzwolf.info/p/wolf_blau.gif.
The key "User-agent: * " is not sufficient, as an explicit permission for OSM ist wanted.

  • In all other cases a placeholder thumbnail is shown.
ソース wikipedia=*

Only if there's no image=* tag we try to use an image from Wikipedia. The following tags will be checked in the given order:

  1. wikipedia=LC:LEMMA
  2. wikipedia:LC=LEMMA

If a Wikipedia article is found and contains images, an image from that article will be used (it is not specified, which one!).

Please create missing image=* tags even in case that the Wikipedia automatism should provide an acceptable image. There's no guarantee that always this particular image will be used.

Thumbnails remain in the server cache for a maximum of one week. Manual refresh is possible, please see the documentation at Wikipedia:Bypass your cache(Wikipedia)