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標識がある優先道路 Show/edit corresponding data item.
グループ: 道路




訳注: 日本では優先道路の道路標識が設置されることは稀であり、原則的には交差点内に中央線、車道中央線、車両通行帯などの標示がされていることを以て優先道路とみなしています。


When considering the "all traffic on the way" the mapper should naturally only consider legal routes onto the road in question.

Where the intersecting side road is a service road, a driveway, a track or other insignificant entry point to the public highways, traffic entering from such roads does not qualify for consideration of who has passed the priority road sign. (But do check you local legislation, if the traffic sign is valid only up to the next intersection, i.e. whether it refers to "public road" or "any intersection".) Just as any driver who started their journey from a roadside parking spot on the main road, if such parking is available, would not see the sign on the first section.

In countries where the sign does not need to be repeated after every intersection, it can be considered an acceptable interim solution to skip some short minor sideroads (as defined above), on a first pass of mapping these, if the main road has not yet been split for other reasons: even if the side road of an intersection is a public road, but is only a short (50 m at most) dead end stub without any more sideroads branching from it - mainly a public road for few lots only - one can, but doesn't have to, take for granted that the traffic coming from such stubs just previously travelled on the main road and the main road does not need to be split, even if the priority road sign is not repeated after that intersection. But eventually the road will be split at those junctions, too, and the priority_road tag value amended accordingly.

  • priority_road=designated: Zeichen 306.svg このウェイの全ての通行者は、少なくとも最初に交差する道路よりも前に、現在の道路が優先道路に指定されていることを示す標識を通過している。すなわち全ての運転者は、交差する道路に「ゆずれ」標識があることを期待している。またこのウェイの通行者は「ゆずれ」標識を通過することがない。
  • priority_road=yes_unposted: 優先道路としての指定が最初の交差点を過ぎても継続する国で、全てではない一部の通行者が優先道路の標識を通過している。全ての交差する道路に「ゆずれ」標識がある。
  • priority_road=end: Zeichen 307.svg このウェイの通行者は優先道路終了の標識を通過する。

Where the road is not a two carriageway road, and if the signage is present only in one direction, one can use the higher ranking sign for priority_road=* and give the other direction signage as, for example, priority_road:forward=*. For example a way that has priority road sign at one end for the traffic in the direction of the OSM way, but only some of the traffic in the opposite direction has passed a similar sign, would be tagged as priority_road=designated + priority_road:backward=yes_unposted.



Some countries forbid parking on roads designated as a priority road, everywhere or outside (signposted) urban areas. For recording that, see street parking.