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Kerala Mapping

How to map kindergarten

The campus of a should be drawn as an area tagged with amenity=kindergarten. If drawing is not possible, a node can be added. The following tags can also be used:

  • name=* The name of the establishment
  • name:ml=Name in Malayalam
  • website=*
  • phone=*
  • capacity=* The number of children that can be accommodated
  • fee=* yes if a fee is charged, no if no fee is charged
  • operator=* The name of the organization which runs the facility; this may be the local government, a religious parish, or a parent association.
  • isced:level=0 Level 0 education on the International Standard Classification of Education
  • min_age=* and max_age=* to indicate age range of children that attend said school

There are a total of 33115 anganwadis across the state of Kerala Website:-