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Public-images-osm logo.svg 3dmr
The ID of the 3D Model Repository's 3D representation of the feature. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: references
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Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)may be used on relations
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The ID of a 3D model of the feature, hosted on the 3D Model Repository.

The 3D Model Repository is a free and open collection of 3D models, under licenses compatible with OSM data. These can be used by 3D renderers to go beyond what's possible with Simple 3D Buildings and similar tagging schemes, while still relying on OSM data for the rest of the scene.


Usage of the tag is 3dmr=<id>, where id is the ID of the model in the 3D Model Repository.

A 3D renderer supporting this tag may then ...

  • obtain the model from the 3D Model Repository and place it in that location, and
  • ignore the tagged OSM elements for 3D rendering, to avoid duplication.

Additional tags

At least the following existing keys are taken into account to scale and rotate a generic model:

Other tags and conventions (e.g. deriving a bollard's rotation from the way containing it, ...) should also be taken into account by data consumers supporting this tag.

Suitable features

The tag applies to all elementsnode nodes, way ways, area areas, and relation relations. When applied to a relation (e.g. a bridge relation or parking relation) or outline (e.g. a building=*) area), features that semantically belong to these "root" elements should also be replaced with the model.

Creating new elements for the sole purpose of linking a model from the 3D Model Repository should be avoided wherever possible. Usually, this is a sign that the linked model does not have the intended granularity: Instead of creating a single model containing both a castle and the decorative fountains in front of it, for example, the model should be subdivided into separate models for the building and fountains. These can then be easily linked to existing OSM elements.

Rendering examples


Four benches with this tag as

Police-Box (TARDIS)

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