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Subtag of landuse=residential used to denote urban from rural areas Edit or translate this description.
Group: Landuse
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This tag is used together with landuse=residential to mark the "type" of residential area.

Note that landuse=residential tags, including this subtag, are to be used on larger areas of land, not on individual buildings.

Tag Description TagInfo
residential=urban Urban residential landuse.
residential=rural Rural, mostly undeveloped residential landuse.
residential=apartments The outline of an apartment complex. Implies residential=urban.

Note: this tag is for an apartment complex consisting of apartment buildings, car parking, landscaping, etc, on one site. For a stand-alone apartment building, which may or may not form part of a larger apartment complex, use building=apartments.

residential=halting_site A halting site (or a halting bay site) is purpose-built residential accommodation for Travellers provided by a local municipal authority. The halting site has an individual bay for each family unit with a full range of services provided in a small structure on each bay.

Minor values / other usages

residential=* is a sub-tag used by various people to refine the meaning of landuse=residential, into finer categories.

There is no strong consensus on which categories to use in this subtag. See the taginfo list of current values used.

Proposed approaches include:

See also SK53 2011 blog on augmenting residential land use.