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Tag substation=* is used in two contexts shown below.

Electrical substations

Electrical substations as part of power transmission and distribution network. Use it with power=substation tag.

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Pipeline substations

Pipeline substation is various pipeline facilities for distribution, compression, flow control (valves) etc. Use it with pipeline=substation tag.

Key Value Note
substation compression A substation which main purpose is to increase the pressure of the medium inside the pipeline.
distribution A substation whose main purpose is to distribute the medium from one pipeline to other (minor) pipelines (or vice versa). Sometimes heat pipeline distribution substation process heat transfer from one medium to another (usually from special solution to water). Use pipeline:heat_transfer=yes to attribute that.
measurement A substation whose main purpose is the gathering of various measurements of a pipeline.
valve (Usually) A building where the flow of the medium in major (big) pipelines can be stopped by usage of one ore more big valves. Also used to divide a long pipeline into shorter segments. For a single valve on a pipeline, use pipeline=valve on the appropriate node on the pipeline.
valve_group An area on the ground containing a number of valves. For a building, use substation=distribution or substation=valve
inspection_gauge An area on the ground whose only feature is a sender/receiver for a pipeline inspection gauge. If a substation of a different kind also features an inspection gauge, use pipeline:inspection_gauge=yes
field_gathering A facility on an oil/gas field that receives the medium via smaller pipelines directly from the well. The purpose of this substation is to concentrate many smaller feeds into a single, larger one.