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Private space dedicated to industrial or heavy business activities feeding. Each substation of this kind is operated by a given client and not by the traditional public grid company. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Industrial substations are private places dedicated to factories or heavy businesses activities power or gas feeding. It won't differ so much of traditional transmission substation with all usual equipment.

Those facilities are mostly private space and operated by the industrial company who gets its energy from the substation. It owns most of the devices installed inside.

In some countries, you may read public grid operator's name on the fence or the doors. It only means the public grid operator is running protective systems for the lines ending in the substation. Such private substations also get a nation-wide unique reference, just like any other substations but this doesn't mean it's operated by the grid operator. It's just a network delivery point.

The limit between public and private installations depends on local rules we need to investigate for each country. It's often right after the public grid terminals.

In case of several power lines ending in the substation, you surely find them visually disconnected (physically or with a normally opened disconnector between each) to prevent transit through the substation.

See examples for illustrative situations.

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An industrial power substation France


The former main power supply of CERN, an industrial substation fed by one 400 kV public grid line drawn in red.

Blue stuff is owned and operated by CERN staff.