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Public-images-osm logo.svg abandoned:building
Abandoned (9479305809).jpg
A building which has been abandoned and is no longer functional due to serious damage to roof or walls, but which is still visible in the landscape. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Lifecycle
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The abandoned:building=* is used to map a building which has fallen into serious disrepair and is not habitable or usable, and which could only be put back into safe operation with expensive effort, such as completely rebuilding the roof or walls. Such buildings will still have some physical form reflective of their former use visible in the landscape, but may be missing parts of the roof or wall and therefore cannot be inhabited.

For buildings which are disused, but could still be usable with minor repairs, see the key disused=yes instead.

How to map

Add the tag abandoned:building=yes to an area around the remaining walls, for an abandoned building which is partially or significanlty ruined, when the specific type of building is no longer possible to determine, or not known. Or you may use a node when the shape of the abandoned former building is not clear.

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