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A classification scheme for the difficulty of trails for off-road motorcycles. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Provide a classification scheme for mapping the difficulty of trails suitable for off-road motorcycles, known as dirt bikes.

It's important to note that this scale specifically addresses trail conditions. The physical characteristics and examples provided for each scale level should help riders determine whether a trail is suitable for their skill level and the type of bike they are using.

To enhance the verifiability and precision of the scale due to its subjective nature, it is recommended to include additional tags such as smoothness=*, surface=*, tracktype=*, incline=*, and width=*.

Applies to

  • single tracks: highway=path
  • double tracks: highway=track
  • unpaved roads: any alternative highway classifications featuring unpaved surfaces

How to map

This tag should be assigned to a way. You can either assign a specific dirtbike:scale=* value to the entire way or divide the way into segments with individual values.

The scale ranges from 0 to 6. Unlike mtb:scale=*, values should be chosen based on the typical conditions encountered when riding uphill.

Additionally, the dirtbike:scale=? tag can be applied to routes known to accommodate dirt bikes when the precise difficulty level has not been determined.


Value Description Examples
0 Well-maintained gravel or compacted roads.
  • Smooth, packed surfaces.
  • No sections with ruts, rocks, or roots are expected.
  • Wide turns and gentle slopes (<= 15% gradient).
  • No special skills are needed.
Husqvarna enduro.JPG Motorcycle touring Patagonia.jpg
1 Ungraded tracks with navigable small obstacles.
  • Loose dirt or gravel.
  • Occasional obstacles such as small ruts, roots, and stones.
  • Wide turns and gentle slopes (<= 20% gradient).
  • Ankle deep water crossings.
  • Requires Basic riding skills
Pilote enduro moto.jpg Gotland Grand National October 2023 37.jpg
2 Rough tracks with moderate obstacles and slopes
  • Occasional obstacles like medium-sized ruts, rocks, roots
  • Tight turns and moderate slopes (<= 25% gradient)
  • Possibly narrow exposed sections.
  • Knee deep water crossings.
  • Requires intermediate riding skills and good control of the motorcycle.
Liesel 25-09-2012 ISDE Saxony Steep hill Hormersdorf No. 24 Armand Monleon Trophy Team Spain.jpg Smoothness horrible.jpg
3 Challenging trails with large obstacles and steep slopes
  • Large-sized obstacles such as small boulders, large ruts and fallen trees.
  • Technical sections with off-balance turns and steep slopes (<= 30% gradient).
  • Very narrow and exposed sections.
  • Mid-thigh deep water crossings.
  • Requires constant concentration and advanced skills.
Mundial enduro Puerto Lumbreras.jpg Hard Enduro.jpg
4 Hard Enduro trails with rugged terrain
  • Very large obstacles such as medium-size boulders, fallen trees and loose debris.
  • Very tight hairpins and high steps requiring pivot turns.
  • Very steep slopes (<= 35% gradient).
  • Waist deep water crossings.
  • Requires perfect bike control with trial techniques.
Enduro hard race.jpg Mike Hartmann WEC Italy 2010.jpg
5 Extreme Enduro trails with unforgiving terrain
  • Severe obstacles such as massive boulders, deep crevices.
  • Technical sections with exposed edges, and unpredictable surfaces.
  • Extremely steep inclines (> 35% gradient)
  • Waist deep or higher water crossings.
  • Reserved for elite riders with exceptional skill, nerve, and experience.
Mundial de Enduro em Castelo Branco DSC 5666 (35304815714).jpg Gotland Grand National October 2023 10.jpg
6 Inaccessible trails
  • Classify ways that are entirely impassable for dirt bikers.

Third-party Support


Tool Support Status Link Last update
OsmAnd Custom Rendering Enabled May 2022
OsmAnd Route Overlay Pending Apr 2024

Possible tagging mistakes


The tag motorcycle=no specifies that it is legally prohibited to ride on a particular path. However, it is sometimes mistakenly used to suggest that a path is unsuitable or hazardous for riding. This constitutes a tagging mistake and should be corrected by using dirtbike:scale=*. On the other hand, roads that are legally off-limits for riding should not carry the dirtbike:scale=* tag.

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