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Public-images-osm logo.svg motorcycle:scale
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A classification scheme for the difficulty of trails and roads for motorcycling Edit or translate this description.
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Provide a classification scheme for mapping the difficulty of trails suitable for motorcycling.

This is an adaption of several Proposals brought in concerning Mountainbike

Applies to

How to Map it - Usage, Tags and Values

The main key to be used is motorcycle:scale=1 to 5.
This shall be used for classifying the level of difficulty of using a trail or road.
Based on the German Denzel-Alpenstraßen-Skala [[1]]

motorcycle:scale applies primarily to ways. The difficulty should be based on the general difficulty over a longer stretch of a way, there can be a few places where the difficulty is higher. Those places should be classified on a point of the way.

Crux spots or very difficult single places

In order to highlight spots on a way, that feature a difficulty that is clearly more difficult than the way in general (e.g. one full grade more difficulty), on can highlight them by placing a node on the way with the difficulty to clear that node (do not highlight every switchback of a way however). If you put a point with motorcycle:scale=1-5 (0 makes no sense) outside of the way, then this shows a place that is more difficult, but can be circumvented.


The main tagging scale.

Tag Description Example Picture
motorcycle:scale=1 Very easy to drive mountain route, also for beginners.
  • normal roadway width of at least 6 m, good asphalt or concrete
  • continuous edge protection
  • no tight bends, at most a few, wide bends
  • Gradients up to max. 9%
  • suitable for all motorcycle types
Stanbury local.JPG
motorcycle:scale=2 Track without significant requirements, even easy to drive for people not used to alpine roads.
  • Two-lane carriageway, mostly paved
  • Margin protection largely available, traffic-correct route
  • Sufficiently wide turns with barely noticeable incline in the inserts
  • Gradients up to max. 15%
  • Suitable for all motorcycle types
Alpine road.jpg
motorcycle:scale=3 Route requires practice and safe driving technique on mountain roads.
  • Mostly just two lanes, partly single lane with dodging
  • Partially or completely missing asphalt surface, bad condition
  • Margin security is missing to a large extent
  • Many, strongly curved curves, tight turns with a stronger slope
  • Over longer distances more than 15% slope
  • Only partially usable for sports motorcycles
  • Mostly unsuitable for racing bikes, possibly with wider tires possible, adjusted to high inclines
Gravel jump.jpg
motorcycle:scale=4 Even for mountainous difficult route, requires far above average outstanding driving skills.
  • Mostly single lane, few passages
  • Barely maintained roadway; i.e. coarse gravel, heavily washed out or extended, side slopes possible, is slippery in the wet (mud, grass), possibly bottlenecks, passable fords
  • Except for a few dangerous places no edge protection
  • Very tight curves
  • Strong gradients, partly at altitudes with thin air (over 2000 m)
  • Recommended for off-road vehicles, coarse tire tread
  • For Enduros, partly for touring bikes with sufficient ground clearance, coarse tire profile recommended
  • Climbs
motorcycle:scale=5 Very difficult and dangerous route, use at your own risk
  • Hardly existing lane, near to offroad
  • Barely recognizable route conservation, coarse gravel, bare rock, sand, mud; dangerous bottlenecks, high risk of falling rocks, strong erosion and side slope, at times (depending on weather, season) impassable fords
  • Completely unsecured margins, also on both sides exposed crest, heavily exposed
  • Not always recognizable routing
  • Extreme slopes, even at altitudes over 2000 m
  • Only for offroad professionals with appropriate vehicles
  • Only Enduros and Motocross bikes, possibly also dual sport bikes, a lot of ground clearance and suitable tires
Hard Enduro.jpg


Sort by "SG" (Schwierigkeits Grad = Difficulty level)

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