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Motorcycle tags



About this Page

The goal of this page is to help create OSM maps from a motorcyclists perspective.
This page is an adaption of the mtb version that started the topic.
There are also attempts to tag motorcycle routes (legal gravel tracks) outside OSM, an example is the TET [[1]].

General Tags for ways that are suitable for motorcycling, but not directly related as such

key comment
highway=path/track If motorcycling is possible add route=motorcycle
motorcycle=yes/no/designated/private/permissive/destination/dismount/unknown Are motorcycles allowed? This is a legal question.
Also see motor_vehicle=*.
width=<Meter> Width of way
smoothness=excellent to impassable Classification scheme regarding the physical usability of a way for wheeled vehicles.
tracktype=grade1 to grade5 Surface firmness, usually used on highway=track.
trail_visibility=excellent/good/intermediate/bad/horrible/no Trail visibility (not route visibility) and orientation.

Basic Tags related to motorcycling

key comment Map Feature Page Status/Progress
motorcycle:scale=1-5 Difficulty grading for routes and trails. Based on the German Denzel-Alpenstraßen-Skala [[2]] key:motorcycle:scale Approved for mtb, adapted for motorcycle

Additional tags if a way is part of a motorcycle Route / Relation

Note a specific network=* is not defined for motorcycle routes. Use distance/ascent/descent/roundtrip instead to better classify a route.

key comment
route=motorcycle consistency with motorcycle routes.
ref=R811,... Reference of the way if any.
name=TET France,Sommeiller... name of the route.
distance=distance in km The distance covered by this route, if known. For information of users and automatic evaluation e.g. of completeness. If no unit is given km is assumed (else use e.g. 25miles)
ascent=ascent in m The ascent covered by a route in meters (for other units use e.g. 600feet). If a route has start and end point at different altitude use descent too
descent=descent in m The descent covered by a route in meters(for other units use e.g. 100feet). Use it only if it differs from the ascent (different altitude at start/endpoint of a route).
roundtrip=yes/no Use roundtrip=no to indicate that a route goes from A to B, instead of being circular (roundtrip=yes).

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