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Specifies if feature is disused but in a reasonable state of repair. Also see abandoned:*=* Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: lifecycle
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may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)may be used on relations
Documented values: 1
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The tag disused=yes is a property that is added to features that are in a reasonable state of repair but which are currently unused. It makes sense to use it in case when being "unused" does not negate a feature's primary function. Examples include vacant buildings, disused communications towers, and quarries without active mining, and most man_made features: these do not cease to be significant as orientation landmarks when they are not being used.

Use of disused=yes is discouraged for features like shops, roads, parks or museums. See the namespace prefix disused:*=* instead, for example disused:amenity=*, disused:leisure=*, disused:tourism=*.

For features which can only be returned to use with significant repair efforts, use the tag abandoned or the namespace abandoned:*=* instead.

How to map


disused:*=* namespace

Any tags which no longer have current meaning as a result of disuse should had their keys prefixed with the namespace disused:*=* — see the examples below. This makes it clear that they are not useful features.

Add the namespace disused:*=* as a prefix to all keys which are no longer relevant to the current state of an object. You should treat all the tags on an object as a set of facts about the object, and prefix the keys of those facts which are no longer true as a result of the disuse. For example, a concrete parking area which is no longer used for parking cars but which still carries a name sign might be tagged as

name=West Plain Car Park

which makes it unavailable to programs which find parking, and unlikely to be displayed as parking in any default renderings. The name is still relevant, and will still be searchable. If the area is opened up again, it's a simple matter to undo the prefixing.

Comparison of disused=yes vs disused:key=* namespace

Original scheme (not recommended) Intermediate scheme (discouraged) Recommended

Disused railways

Disused rail lines have a special method of tagging which is in use:

This tagging scheme is equivalent in meaning to using :disused prefix and is more popular among mappers.

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