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Zeichen 325.1 - Beginn eines verkehrsberuhigten Bereichs, StVO 2009.svg
Used to mark service roads where pedestrians are superior to vehicles as defined in road rules Edit or translate this description.
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The tag living_street=yes is used by some mappers to mark streets where pedestrians are superior to vehicles as defined in road rules. It was based on a proposal from 2009, after the more common tag highway=living_street had been approved.

It is mainly used in Russia, Belarus and Germany with highway=service. Sometimes it is used with highway=residential, in which case it is a synonym for highway=living_street.

It is supposed to mark a road that has a different classification than 'living street' but is a living street. This contradiction reveals the fundamental flaw of this tag. It is considered a Trolltag by some users, which contradicts the value of the main tag in a sub tag.