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A ref_name is an item in a search engine. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Names
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ref_name=* can provide a name like a search key to search engines (e.g. timetables / schedules).

It could be useful if:
* The name=* is very common and appears very often, so there's no possible distinct selection.
* The name=* of an amenity (like a station) differs between common use and use in timetable systems. A common use can be the common name, that is used locally, on signs and local maps. Sometimes the name in timetable systems (e.g. of a national railway company) varies and contents cryptic parts.
* There is no existing UIC name for a public-transport stop.
In these cases ref_name=* can fill the gap between a common name showing on the map and an international reference.

ref_name=* is used in national language.

If a search or query with a name results in more than one item in search engine you can use ref_name=* to set a distinct item (naming). It is used by searching tags in sequence (uic_ref=*, ref:ibnr=*, ref_name=*, name=*) and commit the result to a special search engine (in

How to map

  • ref_name=* - a comma-separated list of (bus_stop)name and (city)name
  • It may also work with (depending on quality of search engine)
    • comma-separated list
    • blank-separated list

useful node

This tag is used in combination with:



Referring to IBNR reference as of

  • uic_name
    • name of the station
    • international usage
    • in the aforementioned document, the IBNR-code is 7 digits
    • warning: the IBNR-code starts with the same country-code as UIC codes, but is not the same! Do not use it to set uic_ref=*! For example, Mannheim Hbf has UIC code 8014008 (7-digit UIC) or code 80140087 (7-digit + 1 error check digit) but has IBNR code 8000244.
  • ref_name
    • name of the stop
    • national usage
    • in the aforementioned document, the IBNR-code is 6 digits (ref:ibnr=*)

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