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Whether a reservation is applicable before a visit. Edit or translate this description.
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The reservation tag is for specifying whether a reservation, e.g. by phone, is recommended before visiting an amenity.

Examples include restaurants ( amenity=restaurant ), tourist attractions ( tourism=attraction ) or historic buildings (eg historic=castle ) or ferry routes route=ferry.


  • reservation=required - you cannot visit without a reservation
  • reservation=recommended - you should make a reservation, otherwise you may be rejected (amenity is overcrowded or closed due to lack of business)
  • reservation=no - there is no reservation option for this amenity
  • reservation=yes - reservation is possible
  • reservation=members_only - reservation is only possible for members (e.g. only members of an alpine club may reserve a dorm/room in advance in most alpine huts). Note still anyone can come/use the object without reservation according to access=*

See also

  • phone=* - reservations can often be done via phone call.
  • website=* - further information can be found there.