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Group: Sports
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Status: in use

The sport=rugby tag is used to identify a rugby pitch used for either Rugby league football or Rugby_union. The area should also be tagged with leisure=pitch or leisure=stadium.

Where it is known which version is played then there are currently two ways of tagging this:

  • The original method is to keep the sport=rugby tag and add an additional rugby=* tag set as rugby=union or rugby=league as appropriate.
  • A second method is to tag using sport=rugby_union or sport=rugby_league as appropriate instead of sport=rugby. This scheme was introduced without discussion by a single mapper then imposed using mechanical edits.

Pitch layouts

Despite the two different pitch sizes since the removal restrictions on professionalism by the RFU in 1995, it has been possible for clubs to share facilities including pitches. So it maybe best to use sport=rugby for all of these.