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Public-images-osm logo.svg seasonal:snowfall:regaintime
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For pedestrian routes, that are used regardless of them not being snowplowed the most descriptive feature is how long it takes, on average, for the way to be stomped on enough to be easily walkable "in high heels or dress shoes". This categorisation effectively requires that the depth of fresh snow commonly exceeds some centimeters, i.e. the conditions after any commonly occurring snowfall aren't such that those pedestrians couldn't easily use the way.

Surveying these requires local knowledge and often repeated surveys. The described property is an approximation of a statistical expected value, but likely the most descriptive property.


seasonal:snowfall:regaintime=* can take any values, but the following have been used

  • fast: Enough people walk there, that within few hours after a snowfall one can reasonably expect to walk there in dress shoes without getting their shoes full of snow.
  • day: One can expect the route to be stomped to the condition described above after 24 hours
  • days: It is likely that it takes several days for the route to be stomped to the condition described above
  • last: One can expect that there will be a compacted snow surface at some point, if it doesn't snow anymore, but that such surface condition can take a week or more to emerge. Often such route is even at that time very narrow.
  • never: It is most unlikely that there ever will be a compacted surface before the snow melts.

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