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LPIS is registry of czech farmland. It is available at

http://www.lpis.cz/index.html http://eagri.cz/public/app/lpisext/lpis/verejny/

Export can be requested at


License for data

The data are freely available, as they are excluded from copyright law protection under "publicly available list" exception. http://www.zakonyprolidi.cz/cs/2000-121#p3-1-a http://www.zakonyprolidi.cz/cs/1997-252#p3ab-2 . U.S. equivalent of this would be "public domain".


Data is available for export at http://eagri.cz/public/app/lpisext/lpis/verejny/exportDat.html ; websites sends data as zip file over email. It is avialable in small pieces, corresponding to boundary=administrative, admin_level=10 blocks.

Idea is that you pick up piece of czech republic, where farmland coverage is poor, add your name to table below, copy ID to the website, get zip file in the email, unpack, and run lpis2osm script. Then you load result in josm, check for any conflicts and strange geometries, fix them, and upload the result.


LPIS ID Czech name Tagging
2 orná půda landuse=farmland
3,30,31 chmelnice landuse=farmland+crop=hop
4,41 vinice landuse=vineyard
6,61,62 ovocný sad landuse=orchard
7,71,72 travní porost landuse=meadow+meadow=agricultural
9 jiná kultura landuse=farmland
91 školka landuse=plant_nursery or landuse=forest
92 zelinářská zahrada landuse=farmland+crop=vegetables or landuse=farm+crop=vegetable
97 rybník natural=water+water=pond or landuse=reservoir
98 porost RRD landuse=forest+crop=fast_growing_wood or landuse=scrub+note=rychle rostouci dreviny
99 zalesněná půda landuse=forest

Mapping with Tracer

You can use Tracer plugin to map LPIS (multi)polygons. If you retrace existing (multi)polygons, make sure there are no relicts left from the old polygons. Use areasize:0-700 ( type:way landuse=* OR child(type:relation landuse=*)) as a filter in JOSM, which will find all areas smaller than 700 m2 with the landuse tag. Some of them might be ok, but some of them are likely to be artifacts of the old polygons where the boundary of the field has moved a little bit inside.

Administrative groups to upload

see LPIS/Administrative groups.