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This is an example email to use in case you spot lacking attribution or license violation.

Please stay polite and friendly in a manner that the receiver is not scared away from using OSM but encouraged to use it with correct attribution.

The text should of course be modified according to the situation.


As an OpenStreetMap contributor, I am pleased to see that you are
using OpenStreetMap on your website:

<website or app with the map in question>

However, I noticed that the map seems to lack the proper credit.
OpenStreetMap's license requires that you both credit OpenStreetMap
and make users aware of the data license (by linking to our copyright
page). For more information, see:

The correct attribution helps to avoid misunderstandings about the 
source of the map or data, as well as what others are allowed to do 
with it. If you need help making the changes or have further questions, 
feel free to ask me in reply to this mail, or others in one of 
OpenStreetMap's communication channels:

More importantly attribution helps us spread the word about
OpenStreetMap and attract new contributors and build the community.
This is incredibly important to improving the quality of the database
that you and millions of others rely on.

Acknowledgement of receipt would be appreciated.