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Liège, Province de Liège, Wallonie, Belgique

latitude: 50.6247, longitude: 5.5994
Browse map of Liège 50°37′28.92″ N, 5°35′57.84″ E
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Liège is a city in Province de Liège, Wallonie, Belgique at latitude 50°37′28.92″ North, longitude 5°35′57.84″ East.

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The city of Liège (Dutch: Luik, German: Lüttich) is the capital of the province Liège, in the Walloon Region, Belgium.


Conventions for bicycles

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle's Parking convention in Liege
Parking Tag
Bicycle parking in Liege
amenity=bicycle_parking + capacity=2 (one bike on each side) +bicycle_parking=stands + covered=no (obvious in this picture)