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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a website renderer of OSM maps. There is also an app for Android and iOS which has offline maps

Mobile app features

To this day, the Android version of the app has this interfacing features:

  • Complete offline capabilities (once map data is downloaded, the only GPS signal is sufficient for map operation)
  • Map features are vectorized (meaning they don't change resolution on different zoom levels)
  • Fast map renderer (unlike most OSM renderers, which take a fair amount of time to re-render different views or zoom levels)
  • Very simple and user friendly interface
  • Three different map layers: Tourist (a.k.a. Outdoor), Aerial (based on NASA Earth Observatory,, and Microsoft Bing Maps) and Winter (which renders skiing-relevant OSM features)
  • Each map layer can also overlay a slope incline color map and hillshades
  • In navigation, Day and Night modes are available (that render the features differently to adjust for ambient light)

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