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Brand tags in NL

I plan to fix a bunch of brand:website=* tags to stores of large chains in NL that were incorrectly added as website=*, url=* or contact:website=*. Additionally, I plan to add brand=* and brand:wikidata=* tags where they are missing.


  • User borishag is still actively using and advocating for website=* to link to the chain's main webpage, but the larger Dutch community has spoken out against this practice.[1] Communication with him should take place before any mechanical edit to store chain that he maintains in OSM.
  • fixme=* and note=* tags should be looked at during the mechanical edit to extract useful information like recent closure of stores.
  • Specific store pages should of course be left on website=*. Only the main page of a chain should become brand:website=*.
  • These tags can also be used to create warning messages in validators like Osmose.
  • ref=* tags for some stores can be used to generate specific web pages that can become correct website=* tags.

Tags to edit

Algerian Post

Many post offices of Algérie Poste [W](Q2836029) are incorrectly tagged with wikimedia_commons=File:AlgeriePoste.svg.

Objects to (not) edit

I plan to edit the amenity=post_office in Algeria with wikimedia_commons=File:AlgeriePoste.svg. To minimise false positives, I exclude the one that has an office=government tag and the one that carries a brand:wikidata=Q373724 tag.

I do not plan to edit Algerian post offices without wikimedia_commons=File:AlgeriePoste.svg , as my main goal for this edit is to get rid of this tag.

There are also a few ATMs tagged with wikimedia_commons=File:AlgeriePoste.svg that I do not plan to edit.

Tags to (not) edit

My plan is to remove wikimedia_commons=File:AlgeriePoste.svg and to add the following tags to these Algerian post offices:

  • brand=بريد الجزائر
  • brand:en=Algérie Poste
  • brand:fr=Algérie Poste
  • brand:website=
  • brand:wikidata=Q2836029
  • brand:wikipedia=ar:بريد الجزائر

Since Arabic is the official language of Algeria, I plan to remove the brand:ar and brand:wikipedia:ar tags, because they are redundant.

I plan to remove wikipedia=* and wikidata=* tags that refer to Algérie Poste as well as website=, as these will become the brand:* tags.

I choose to tag Algérie Poste as brand, because Tag:amenity=post office states that brand=* is for the brand of the postal service provider and operator=* can be added if a company other than the postal service provider operates the post office facility.

I do not plan to edit any name=* or operator=* tags.


Discussion on the Community Forum:

Cleanup of maxstay=* tags

On 2023-11-19, I proposed to clean up poorly formatted maxstay=* tags in a discussion on the forum. The map changes were made in changeset 144266924.

Cancelled edits

  • 2023-06 -

Discussed on the forum