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North Island, New Zealand

latitude: -38.160, longitude: 175.825
Browse map of North Island 38°09′36.00″ S, 175°49′30.00″ E
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North Island is an island in New Zealand at latitude 38°09′36.00″ South, longitude 175°49′30.00″ East.

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Welcome to the wiki project New Zealand North Island page - this page is dedicated to helping OSM mappers working on adding content in New Zealand's North Island.

Please be aware there is currently (2011-02) a data import in progress from Land Information New Zealand and the NZ Open GPS project, of all New Zealand roads and other items. See the LINZ project and LINZ_Trial_Import for details on getting involved, or join the nzopengis group (see NZ page).
This should not stop mappers adding any data - we will merge LINZ data around manually mapped items.

Auckland Region

The 'Super' City

Auckland Region will significantly change from November 1st.

  • The individual cities and districts which make it up will cease to exist
  • The region of Auckland will cease to exist, becoming a city named 'Auckland'

The consequences for OSM as a result of these changes are:

  • All suburbs and other entities with 'is_in=<old_name>', where <old_name> is Auckland, Franklin, Manukau, North Shore, Papakura, Rodney or Waitakere will need to change to 'is_in=Auckland'
  • The boundaries (e.g. at Portage Road, in New Lynn/Green Bay), will need to be deleted.
  • The boundaries at the North and South edge of the region will need have their one of their tags changed from 'Auckland Region' to 'Auckland'
  • The existing city and district names (North Shore, Manukau, Franklin, etc.) will be kept, using the tag 'place=locality'
  • others?

Auckland City


Approximately 99% of roads:
a large proportion of major schools, parks, universities and hospitals

To do

landuse tags for approx 70% of the city - missing the north shore, hibiscus coast and parts of manukau
a few roads (approx. 80 in total) in:
penrose, glendowie, tamaki, mt wellington, waikowhai, southdown, onehunga
developments around eden park, including the new road from the stadium to sandringham road
finish parks, there are 481 (in the old auckland city - more than 2,000 in the new super city), according to the city council website: approx. 200 (may be optimistic...) are completed as of 2011-05
finish schools, there are 159, according to [1]: approx 60 completed as of 2011-05
finish bridges for major roads and railways

the following need someone with a gps, as the yahoo imagery is too old/does not cover at a decent zoom:
since we are allowed to use bing images for tracing, some of the following can be drawn accurately

  • glendowie and churchill park
  • the new motorway (and bike path) near mt roskill
  • footpaths on the north side of manukau harbour in the bush
  • new newmarket station and footpaths in, plus station square
  • sylvia park
  • stonefields

Manukau City

complete: Some roads, parks and schools around the Mangere suburbs and Papatoetoe
auckland airport
most arterial routes

to do: lots

needs a gps: the new housing developments around dannemora and nearby, as the yahoo coverage is too old (2002?)

North Shore City

Devonport and Narrow Neck are complete, as far as large infrastructure is concerned (roads, parks, schools, golf courses, some beaches)
the northern busway
A small amount of work has been done around Takapuna, Glenfield, Birkenhead and Northcote.
lots of tracing around the eastern bays, some tagged with names
No work has been done north of Mairangi Bay

Zenfunk: I did quite a lot of armchair tracing from the yahoo imagery there. Since I'm from Germany (my sis lives in Devonport though), I have no chance of filling in the streetnames. Any locals are more than welcome to complete this. A few spots are covered in clouds in the imagery, so some of the streets are missing and need a local to track them by GPS- not much though. this can now be completed, with the bing imagery

Waitakere City


  • all roads which are visible on yahoo have been named
  • both nzraf airbases, although the boundaries were guesswork
  • westgate shopping centre
  • railway and stations
  • lots of walking tracks in the waitakere ranges

to do:

  • the twin streams cycle/walking tracks
  • the rail trench/new station at new lynn

needs gps:
new housing developments to west of the city (around henderson valley), as yahoo coverage is too old

Franklin District

Note: Franklin District partly lies in Waikato region
most of pukekohe has been traced, with few roads named
Some towns and villages have been named, but few roads traced.
some roads have been traced, and footpaths in the hunua ranges
most streams, rivers and reservoirs in teh eastern part

Papakura District

approx 50% of urban roads

Rodney District

Most roads on the whangaparaoa peninsula
Most of Helensville
Muriwai, Kumeu, Puhoi, Warkworth, Wellsford, Silverdale and Waimauku are partially complete
A lot of smaller towns and villages
lots of forest/wood areas
SH1 and SH16
a range of secondary roads

to do
most minor roads - yahoo coverage is poor in the northern part of the district, requiring GPS logs to continue

Bus stops

There are approximately 9,000 numbered, named bus stops in the Auckland region.
see Tag:highway=bus_stop for more info
To help with public transport routing end enable users to distinguish stops from each other, the ID and preferably the name of the bus stop need to be included.
From the above link, it appears the 'name' tag ought to be used for the name of the bus stop, and the 'ref' tag for the ID of the bus stop.
Some stops also have an electronic sign displaying the continuously updated arrival times of buses. This is useful information to include in the database also. In lieu of anything widely accepted by the community, i will use electronic_sign=yes/no/unknown to cover this situation, until a more suitable tag can be accepted
name=Auckland Zoo

some stops, in Auckland CBD, Newmarket and elsewhere, have an additional reference number, e.g.:M9, Q2, N11

which are located, respectively in Midtown, Queen St. and Newmarket. The information is relevant for identifying bus stops and possibly for routing, and thus we would benefit from its inclusion. I suggest including it in the asset_ref tag, e.g.:
name=Sky Tower

Relations can then be used to collect together all stops for each route, and times added

Bay Of Plenty

Some Roads (SH2, some city streets, some rural roads)

Mayor Island aka Tuhua is missing. It is off the coast of Waihi. It can be seen on the cycle map by looking at the SRTM-generated contours

Tauranga City

Most secondary roads in Tauranga complete plus some of the Avenues.


Some Roads (SH2,parts of SH35,some city streets)

Hawke's Bay



Some walking and tourist ways/nodes around tongariro. Attribution MAF


Some roads and walking tracks around Whangerei heads (?). Lots of roads in whangerei



New Plymouth

New Plymouth only few major roads

Mount Taranaki/Mount Egmont

[2] major hiking tracks mapped


Now we have high-res yahooo imagery here, there is some excellent tracing around hamilton, needs more naming of the streets though.


Lots to do to fill in the roads and tracks that have not been mapped. Current work focused on South Wairarapa area around the Carterton area. Holes being filled slowly


Wellington city

Roads completed

  • Wellington Central
  • Te Aro
  • Mt Victoria
  • Oriental Bay
  • Mt Cook

Wellington Walkways

  • City to Sea Walkway - completed
  • Hataitai to City Walkway - completed
  • Southern Walkway - completed
  • Lookout Walkway - completed
  • Skyline Walkway - to do
  • Northern Walkway - to do
  • Eastern Walkway - to do


Roads are mostly completed now. Plenty of work remains for marking parks, reserves, paths, amenities and so forth.

Porirua Walkways

I think this is where things are for walkways and parks in the Porirua area... I will try and focus on these over the next few months.


  • Spinnaker Lookout - may redo this one once I've got a GPS trace rather than just Yahoo aerial image
  • Whitby Walkway
  • The Village Walkway
  • Adventure Park Walkway
  • Aotea Lagoon
  • Colonial Knob Walkway
  • Whitireia Park
  • Taua Tapu Track
  • The Quarterdeck Walkway

Nearly complete

  • Samwell Drive Reserve and The Big Tree I think I may have this route marked but not named. Not sure where the Kahikatea is though.
  • The Skyline Route - Missing the South West
  • Camborne Walkway - missing a few access paths
  • Pauatahanui Wildlife Management Reserve - mostly done - couple of ponds may be missing

To do

  • The Crows Nest Lookout - missing, but I'm sure I've got a GPS trace of this somewhere!
  • Carvel Lane Walkway
  • Ara Harakeke Pathway - Think this may run alongside the train track for it's whole length.
  • Bothamley Park
  • Spicer Botanical Park and Reservoirs
  • Te Araroa Route - Pukerua Bay –> Porirua -> Wellington


Lower Hutt

Steady progress.

Upper Hutt

Occasional additions being made.