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If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done (and are maybe willing to get the ball rolling) then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress. And then get on with it :-)

Area around Oslofjord covered by Yahoo! Aerial Imagery

Places with very little mapping

Regions, municipalities or others


I've started manually importing the pilgrimage routes/"pilegrimsledene" from Naturbase using josm and shp-to-osm --Olejorgenb 16:23, 14 May 2011 (BST) (

Parent relation for all the routes


Sverre Didriksen, Vidar Gundersen

  • Main roads, 100% done.
  • Streets "down town", 50% done.
  • Buildings, etc, "down town", 0%
  • Suburbon areas 20% done
  • Kjekstadmarka og Vestmarka: trails, gravel roads, ski pistes (work in progress)


Henrik Hodne is GPS-tracking roads. Not sure where the current data originates from. Any idea? If it's from Yahoo, should it be verified with GPS-tracking?


User:Dagbj, User:Vibrog



Jarl Mosand Plan on maping Frøya during the winter of 2010


Lasse Karstensen Done:

  • All major roads.
  • Nygårdsjøen, Ertenvåg, Saura. Kjelling, Evjen.
  • Hamn (!)
  • Mellom-Sandnes. Unknown level of detail.
  • Inndyr, Sund ok.
  • Storvikbukta.


  • Sundsfjord (minor)
  • details / POIs on Sandhornøya.
  • details in Novika / Forstranda
  • Nordarnøy, sørarnøy.
  • (fugløya, femris, fleina)

Estimated 80% done.


Håvar Larsen Starting with Jaren, Brandbu, Gran and working outwards.


Michel Barakat

  • Main roads, 100% done.
  • Streets "down town", 100% done.
  • Details, buildings etc. "down town", 25%
  • Suburbon areas 50% done
  • Incomplete (Feb. 2008): Isebakke/Sørlie, Sponvika, Strupe, Frydenlund, Eskevika, Folkevang og Grimsrød towards Tistedal

Hovden, Setesdal

  • Almost every road is mapped
  • Many trails and paths are mapped
  • Road names are mainly missing
  • Buildings not drawn
  • Addresses not started


Sverre Didriksen starting with main roads september 2007

Hå municipality

Olav Einervoll I'll work with this area now and then, but any help is appreciated! Main focus on Varhaug and on major roads.

Villages in Hå:


TommyG Started winter 2009

  • Main roads, 100% done
  • Streets (including residential areas), ~20% done


Erik Johannessen Started autumn 2008

The town and nearby residential areas:

  • Main roads, 100% done.
  • Streets "down town", 100% done.
  • Details, buildings etc. "down town", 50%
  • Suburban areas 100% done

Hvittingfoss (a village in Kongsberg municipality):

  • Main roads, 100% done
  • Streets (including residential areas), 0% done

The rest of the municipality:

  • Main roads, 80% done
  • Minor roads, tracks, etc, <5% done

Larvik municipality

Syver S. started mapping Svarstad and down towards Larvik in 2015.

I have mapped the majority of it. Help with the rest would've been much appreciated!

Buildings: 99% mapped (estimate)

Hurray! As of April 2020, all buildings with addresses should have been added to OSM. This is a never ending task though, as new buildings are built every day


Major roads: 99% mapped (estimate)

needs confirmation


Minor roads: 65% mapped (estimate)

mostly missing along the south and south-east shores


Farmlands: 90% mapped (estimate)

Only missing along south-eastern boundary


Natural: 80% mapped (estimate)

Woods, water(coastline excluded), prominent wetlands.


Bus routes: 5% mapped (estimate)

(known) mapped:01,214,215


Hills and peaks: 100% mapped (estimate)




Tor Harald Thorland started collecting traces may 2008. Got a lot of traces and will slowly add them as time permits.



  • All major roads.
  • Meløya Island

Somewhat done:

  • Glomfjord, Neverdal, Reipå, Ørnes


  • Støtt, Halsa


Jan Skretteberg started Sept 2008

  • Åmot, Geithus and Vikersund
  • Northern parts of Finnemarka


Hans F. Nordhaug started fall of 2008

  • Starting from the west (Djupdalen) and working east ...
  • Plan to cover Riksvei 662 (to Aukra) and more.


Espen Talberg started summer of 2007

  • Main roads, nearly 100% completed.
  • Streets "down town", collecting GPX tracks and streetnames
  • Suburbon areas, collecting GPX tracks and streetnames
  • Coast line, nearly 100% completed.

Nedre Eiker

Espen Isaksen started October 2007

  • Main roads, 100% done.

Trygve Flathen started November 2008. Main focus is south of Drammenselva, starting with Mjøndalen and Åsen.


Håvar Larsen Drawing only from satelite images. Could use some local help on some overgrown roads.

Arnor knows the overgrown roads but is new to OpenStreetMap. Perhaps you could check my editings Håvard? Junctions/attributes?


Jarl Mosand

Ole Jørgen Brønner

  • Vinstra My connection to Vinstra has recently disapeared so I'll probably do my last edits in the next few days. Status: Most roads complete. Many POIs missing. Many paths and tracks missing (eg. pilegrimsleden) --Olejorgenb 22:55, 15 July 2011 (BST)

Oslo, the capital of Norway

  • Bydel Nordstrand: in progress
  • Høybråten: Roads complete, missing metadata, mainly housenumbers and buildings


Kjell Arne Olsen

  • and links to neighbouring areas, starting with main roads


Sigurd Stordal

  • Main roads 45 %
  • Metadata 2 %



  • Added most of Stavanger and surrounding areas one small area at the time.
  • Uses JOSM and Potlach


  • Lintremoval, trawling Stavanger - Tananger, adding one small area at the time.
  • Uses JOSM

Rolf Marthin Nilsen

  • Starting with Våland,Bekkefaret,Åsen, Hillevåg and city centre


  • Fixing several issues with dual carriageway roads, roundabouts and junctions.
  • Adapting some of the streets to their real shape and features.


  • Started adding details in Håbafjell/Bogafjell area.
  • Using JOSM

Tinn and Vinje Municipalities

--Svein Olav 11:07, 26 October 2013 (UTC)

  • Road update from national released VBASE data. Editing Shape data in JOSM.

- Vinje roads 100% , need editing of maxspeed for municipal roads - Tinn roads 100%. need editing (adding) some maxspeed tags.

  • Import of national released address points from Shape data from SOSI format

- Vinje 100%

  • Import of SSR place names from national released SOSI data. National data contains multiple data to be simplified.
  • Import of landuse and natural polygons from national released N50 data. This is a heavy dataset which needs simplyfying and structuring for use of common border lines (ways) in relations as multipolygons. Polygons for lakes, rivers, forest, marsh, residece areas and other use common borders with other themes.

- Rauland - Møsvatn is imported.


Main island (Sigurd Stordal, TOS Map, Åsmund Grammeltvedt)

  • Roads - 100%, only private roads to houses is left
  • Metadata - 30%

Mainland - Berg, Tromsdalen, Tomasjord, Kroken (Sigurd Stordal, TOS Map)

  • Roads - 97%, missing part of gneisvegen and granittvegen with access restriction
  • Metadata - 10%

Kvaløysletta, Storelv (Sigurd Stordal)

  • Roads - 100%, only private roads to houses left
  • Metadata - 10%

Ringvassøy, Kvaløya, Hillesøy, Sommarøy (Sigurd Stordal)

  • Roads - 95 %, some missing at ringvassøy
  • Metadata - 15 %


  • Central areas nearly 100% completed
  • southern parts somewhat complete: Kattem, Sandmoen, Heggstadmoen, Flatåsen, Flatåstoppen
  • southern parts started: Heimdal, Saupstad, Kolstad
  • Bus routes 5/42 = 12% completed


Original text (date: Before 25 August 2009): In the east: Most of Vikhammer (which is actually in Malvik) missing

This area seems to have matured. I have started to fill in the last missing bits by bike surveying. Addresses (ie. house numbers) are missing though and I don't think I'll do them. --Olejorgenb 14:13, 12 May 2011 (BST)

I'm moving from Trondheim this fall, so I'll leave this area to someone else. Status should be decent though. --Olejorgenb 23:02, 15 July 2011 (BST)


Dag Sverre Fauske I started may 2009. I'm collecting GPX tracks on my bicycle trips. The goal is to map Valdres one step at the time :-) Valdres is an area consisting of the 6 municipalities.

  • Vang
  • Vestre Slidre
  • Øystre Slidre
  • Nord-Aurdal
  • Sør-Aurdal
  • Etnedal


Jørn Nydahl I started August 2010 and will be collecting GPX tracks on car and bicycle trips. I will focus on the area around the city of Aalesund to begin with, but random trips elsewhere will be tracked too.

Building progress stats

Most regions are accompanied with a picture showing building mapping progress in that region. Green: building centroids from OpenStreetMap, Red: addr:housenumber points.


Progress of mapping buildings in Agder


Progress of mapping buildings in Innlandet

Møre og Romsdal

Progress of mapping buildings in Møre og Romsdal


Progress of mapping buildings in Nordland.


Progress of mapping buildings in Oslo.


Progress of mapping buildings in Rogaland

Troms og Finnmark

Progress of mapping buildings in Troms og Finnmark.


Progress of mapping buildings in Trøndelag

Vestfold og Telemark

Progress of mapping buildings in Vestfold and Telemark.

On OSM: 117 777[1]

Total: 366 520[2]


Progress of mapping buildings in Vestland


Progress of mapping buildings in Viken.


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  2. Statistics Norway,, Fetched 10. apr 2020