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NOTE: OSAK has AFAIK been completely superseded by project Danmarks Adresserregister (DAR), with its Adresse Web Services (AWS) suite including REST API Danmarks Adressers Web API (DAWA). All these has been defined and is operated by the new government body Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering. A bit more recent about the use of these in OSM (in Danish) at Da:Addresses. The information below should be regarded as obsolete.

OSAK is the government database Officielle Standard Adresser og Koordinater (Official Standard Addresses and Coordinates) of Denmark, the data is (semi?) automatically relayed both ways between the Danish government OIS server and the OSM by servers run by User:Rasher and/or User:Findvej. The OSAK data in OSM is the successor of the earlier bulk import from KMS, and is based on a newer version of the same raw data, just published in a different way.

The official government OSAK homepage is http://www.addresse-info.dk/, it refers back to OSM here.

The Danish government has announced that it will "soon" phase out the OSAK data in favor of similar data from the BBR register of real estate ownership, it is as yet unknown if the replacement data will include GPS coordinates like the OSAK and KSM data did, and if so, what will happen to the two way link to OSM.

Special precautions when editing points carrying OSAK tags

Because of the automated relaying of data between OSAK and OSM, special precautions are needed when manually editing points that carry OSAK tags, most notably osak:identifier=*:

  • Do not merge with ways or areas (such as the building outline), the import/export process requires these to be standalone points.
  • There are specific rules as to what point of a building/estate should get the tag, so don't bother moving these points within an estate without reading those rules (FIXME: Add English version of these rules)
  • Intentional changes that you want relayed back to OSAK (and not get reverted by the next import run) need to be tagged specially (FIXME: Add these instructions here).

Standard tags updated by the OSAK import system

Tags specific to the OSAK and KMS imports