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As you may have noticed, the different Landuses and Buildings get a lot of different colors. Maybe too many, as it's not possible to remember all those colors. It's even hard for me, who I invented this scheme. So I want to restructure the colors.

Current Layout

Category Landuse-Color Building-Color Values
park leisure: park
landuse: village_green, recreation_ground, grass
garden leisure: common, garden
landuse: meadow, farm, farmyard, vineyard, orchard
natural: fell
natural/forest landuse: forest
natural: wood
natural/wetland landuse: wetland, marsh
natural/glacier landuse: glacier
natural/heath landuse: scree, heath
natural/mud landuse: mud
landuse: beach, bay, desert
sport leisure: golf_course, playground, sports_centre, track, pitch, water_park
sport amenity: bicycle_parking, bicycle_rental, shelter
leisure: sports_centre, stadium, track, pitch, ice_rink
cemetery landuse: cemetery
education landuse: school
amenity: college, cinema, kindergarten, library, school, theatre, arts_centre, university
industrial landuse: quarry, landfill, brownfield, railway, construction, military, industrial
amenity: bus_station
aeroway: aerodrome, apron
power: generator, station, sub_station
industrial power: generator
man_made: gasometer, wastewater_plant, watermill, water_tower, water_works, windmill, works, reservoir_covered
military landuse: military
military: barracks, airfield
military military: *
residential landuse: residential, allotments
residential building: residential, apartments, appartments, block, flats
historic historic: *
tourism tourism: attraction, theme_park, zoo, yes (for building: *)
health amenity: pharmacy, baby_hatch, dentist, doctors, veterinary
emergency amenity: hospital, emergency_phone, fire_station, police
communication amenity: post_office
public amenity: government, gouvernment, public_building, court_house, embassy, prison, townhall
shop shop: *
amenity: marketplace

For a polygon to get the building color the building=* has to be set to any value (beside 'no').

New Layout

I think it's high time to rework this layout. Also the structure of the menu in the side pane should be restructured. The category/path is indicated by the headlines in the table.

For landuse i made two categories, because in higher zoom levels (>= 15?) more values could be distinguished and indicated by an icon (like cemetery in the current layout).

Values marked with a * still need an icon for the thematic layers, you could help me with it. Best would be an SVG, sized 16x16, transparent background.

Category Landuse (low zoom) Landuse (high zoom) Building Values
Places - Nature & Recreation
Services - Gastronomy & Nightlife
gastronomy amenity: biergarten, restaurant, fast_food*, cafe, pub, bar, nightclub*, casino*, brothel*, food_court*
Services - Health

Future Ideas

In future also all Nodes, which fit into a category, should get a circle indicating their landuse. But this has to wait until Mapnik has a better way of rotating texts and images, because right now the housenumbers get moved away (the 4 should be on top of the green spot):
OpenStreetBrowser - Landuse points.png