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This page provides a list of resources that may be of value to historic mappers. Things listed here should have licenses that permit use for Open Data projects. Items found within the list may be Maps, Drawings, Images, Moving Images, Text, Records, Series, and Virtual Collections.

OSM Imagery Sources

Several imagery sources are listed by default for ID and JOSM. We are currently working on clarifying whether they can be used for mapping in OHM (Github ticket). The use cases for modern imagery are limited but there are times when they can be valuable. The status of each provider is listed below:

  • Mapbox - OHM has permission
  • ESRI World Imagery - discussions are positive and ongoing, but not yet resolved
  • Bing - working on it


  • Old Maps Online - a directory to maps in various repositories around the world. Each repository may have different rights and licenses associated


The Netherlands

North America


Library and Archives Canada


Native Americans - First Nations


National Archives

Regional Archives

  • NYPL Map and Atlas Collection - NYPL uses mapwarper so TMS URLs are available for each geo-referenced map. Much of the NYPL collection comes up using Old Maps Online (see above)

State Archives