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About our team

The mapping team at Meta is working to improve the data quality in OpenStreetMap (OSM), the free wiki world map built by a community of mappers that contribute and maintain data all over the world. Our goal is to collaborate with the OSM community to create quality data validated by trained mappers and local OSM communities. We perform various editing projects such as AI-Assisted Road Tracing, vandalism and profanity cleanup, and MapRoulette Challenges. Please check out and our Meta OSM Data Team GitHub page for more information about our projects. For any other questions, please send an email to

Map editing contributions

AI-Assisted Road Tracing

Since 2017, Meta has been running a project to perform AI-Assisted Road Tracing within OpenStreetMap. The project has included road tracing in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and Tanzania.

Multipolygon Relations Cleanup

Multipolygons are a type of relation that are vital for displaying complex geometry. These relations are often unintentionally broken in the course of mapping which can lead to prominent features failing to render on the map. Our team gathers a list of multipolygon relations that cannot currently render and perform fixes using JOSM. Relations cleanup edits are given the following hashtag: #RelationsCleanup

Profanity Cleanup

This project uses a Meta internal profanity detection model to identify profanity on name labels. A human review process is conducted on detected features to determine if the name is in fact profanity. Submission of name label fixes are performed based on manual review results. Profanity Cleanup edits are given the following hashtag: #ProfanityCleanup

Changeset examples:

Vandalism Cleanup

This project uses an internal detection model to identify vandalism candidates. A human review process is conducted on detected features to determine if the feature has in fact been vandalized. Submission of vandalized feature fixes are performed based on manual review results. Vandalism Cleanup edits are given the following hashtag: #VandalismCleanup

Changeset examples:


Our team reviews numerous edits by using OSMCha and osm-compare detection rules to help improve OSM data quality. Mappers analyze the flagged features and determine if a fix is needed. Critical changesets flagged by mappers within the community are also reviewed. OSMCha edits are given the following hashtag: #OSMCha

Here are some of the issues/flagged reasons we commonly focus on:

  • large-building
  • Dragged highway_waterway
  • pokemon_edits


Our team contributes to various MapRoulette challenges to help improve OpenStreetMap data.

Atlas Checks

We use Atlas Checks to validate potential map data issues in specific regions. Changesets contributed to OSM through Atlas Checks detections are given the following hashtag: #AtlasChecks.

For an up-to-date list and explanation of individual checks, please visit the Atlas Check GitHub.

Other Data Fixes

Alongside the major data fix processes above, we submit changesets to address data issues as well for various review processes. Changesets submitted for data fixes and don't fall into the major processes above, are given the following hashtag: #dataupdate

Building Mapping

Our team is mapping buildings either using Esri/ArcGIS Datasets available in RapiD or by manual mapping. Building edits are given the following hashtag: #buildingmapping

Pedestrian mapping

Meta is working with local communities to map pedestrian infrastructure. This includes the mapping of sidewalk ways and crosswalks. See our dedicated pedestrian mapping wiki for more details.

Editing Guidelines

The mapping team at Meta edits OSM by following the rules and guidelines that apply to the OpenStreetMap community. Local knowledge and communication are paramount. When in doubt, our mappers will leave a changeset comment and post a question on communication channels such as telegram, Slack, or in the OSM forums, if needed. For any feedback and questions, please send an email to

Mapping Team

Current Mappers

Name Username Role Link
Zvone RVR001 Team Lead
Yunzhi RVR004 QA Lead
Charmaine RVR012 QA Lead
Timmera RVR015 QA Lead
Dylan VLD032 Mapper
Ming VLD066 Mapper
Jacob VLD067 Mapper
Michael VLD075 Mapper
Gwendolyn VLD082 Team Lead
Je-Ni VLD093 Team Lead
Chris VLD154 Mapper
Callista VLD157 Mapper
Anthony VLD159 Mapper
Yemi VLD165 Mapper
Jordan VLD166 Mapper
Brian VLD168 Mapper
Matt VLD170 Mapper
Robert VLD171 Mapper
Leah VLD175 Mapper
Arianna VLD176 Mapper
Austin VLD177 Mapper
Jacob VLD186 Mapper
Chris VLD187 Mapper
Justin VLD188 Mapper
David VLD190 Mapper
Casey VLD192 Mapper
Balpreet VLD194 Mapper
Kaleb VLD199 Mapper
Jessica F VLD271 Mapper
Tom VLD272 Mapper
Jessica H VLD273 Mapper
Ian VLD274 Mapper
Rick VLD275 Mapper
Breia VLD276 Mapper
Matthew VLD300 Mapper
Dylan VLD301 Mapper
Reza VLD302 Mapper
Andrew VLD303 Mapper
Jennavy VLD304 Mapper
Albert VLD305 Mapper
Alec VLD306 Mapper
Edward VLD307 Mapper
Horace VLD308 Mapper
Jennifer VLD312 Team Lead
Jacob VLD510 Mapper
Tadej VLD500 Team Lead
Tomas VLD501 Team Lead
Baarbarina VLD502 Team Lead
Tereza VLD503 Team Lead
Piotr VLD504 Team Lead
Pavel VLD505 Team Lead
Gabriela VLD506 Team Lead
Marien VLD507 Team Lead
Jan VLD508 Team Lead
Jae VLD509 Team Lead
Paula VLD512 linguist
Emrah VLD513 linguist
Önder VLD514 linguist
Mirna VLD515 linguist
Riana VLD516 linguist
Bovis VLD517 linguist
Alexandru VLD518 linguist
Johan VLD519 linguist
Guadalupe VLD520 linguist
Maria VLD521 linguist
Daniela VLD522 linguist
Sandra VLD523 linguist
Matthias VLD524 linguist
Annette VLD525 linguist
Maria VLD526 linguist
Rosalia VLD527 linguist
Carole VLD528 linguist
Magdalena VLD529 linguist
Maria VLD530 linguist
Magdalena VLD531 linguist
Tran VLD532 linguist
Tuan VLD533 linguist
Viet VLD534 linguist
Peerapol VLD535 linguist
Praewa VLD536 linguist
Robin VLD537 linguist
Ashley VLD538 linguist
Vera VLD539 linguist
Kirill VLD540 linguist
Alexandr VLD541 linguist
Vanesa VLD542 linguist
Nazaret VLD543 linguist
Noelia VLD544 linguist
Gabrielle VLD545 linguist
Lowen VLD546 linguist
Sarah VLD547 linguist
Adriaan VLD548 linguist
Tom VLD549 linguist
Daniel VLD550 linguist
Cristinne VLD551 linguist
Nagako VLD552 linguist
Shiori VLD553 linguist
Haruna VLD554 linguist
Louise VLD555 linguist
Eman VLD556 linguist
Dalia VLD557 linguist
Reham VLD558 linguist

Sub-contracted Teams

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)

To assist in our mapping process, we have subcontracted HOT employees from Jakarta and Dar Es Salaam. The team is comprised of:

Name Username Role Link
Iko Iko IRM-RV Team Lead
Fadlila Fadlilaa IRM-RV QA
Ficky Ficky IRM-RV QA
Elisabeth Elisabeth IRM-RV QA
Riyadi Riyadi IRM-RV QA
Aglis Aglis IRM-ED Mapper
Anisa Anisa IRM-ED Mapper
Dary Dary Raihanah IRM-ED Mapper
Diah DiahW IRM-ED Mapper
Diana Diana IRM-ED Mapper
Tengku Almira Tengku Almira IRM-ED Mapper
Elyana Elyana IRM-ED Mapper
Rizki Rizki IRM-ED Mapper
Irfandi Irfandi IRM-ED Mapper
Fauzan Fauzan IRM-ED Mapper
Haris Haris IRM-ED Mapper
Irma Irma IRM-ED Mapper
Qomar Qomar IRM-ED Mapper
Rizky Rizky IRM-ED Mapper
Talitha Talitha IRM-ED Mapper
Tantri Tantri IRM-ED Mapper
Tonny tonny john_importacccount Team Lead
Samwel Samwel Kyando_ImportAccount QA
Christina Christina Reuben_ImportAccount QA
Dorice Dorice lucas_ImportAccount QA
Neema NeemaAlphonce_ImportAccount QA
Abou Abou kachongo jr_ImportAccount Mapper
Asibwene asibwene_ImportAccount Mapper
Catherine CatherineG_ImportAccount Mapper
Charles charles Frank_ImportAccount Mapper
Jamal JAMAL AMANI_ImportAccount Mapper
Nuru NURU ATHUMANI_ImportAccount Mapper
Erasto ERASTO ELIUD_ImportAccount Mapper
William B WillliamBonya_ImportAccount Mapper
William WilliamMponeja_ImportAccount Mapper
Zaituni ZaituniAwadhi_ImportAccount Mapper
Zaina Zaina Rashidi_ImportAccount Mapper
Anastazia Anne Maholi_importAccount Mapper
Evarist Evarist Isdory_ImportAccount Mapper
Helle HellenGaspar_ImportAccount Mapper
Dorith DorithEliabu_ImportAccount Mapper

Inactive users

Name Username Link
Adam Adam IRM-ED
Aude Aude IRM-ED
atmahadi atmahadi IRM-ED
Dary Dary IRM-ED
Dennis Dennis IRM-ED
Deo Deo IRM-ED
Diah Suci Diah Suci IRM-ED
Fatri Fatri IRM-ED
Fathin Fathin IRM-ED
Hanif Hanif IRM-RV
Iko Iko IRM-ED
Irwan Irwan IRM-ED
Miftah Miftah IRM-ED
Muty Muty IRM-ED
Ratry Ratry IRM-ED
Silvia Silvia IRM-ED
Wulan Wulan IRM-RV
Yeni Yeni IRM-RV
Zainab Zainab IRM-ED
Arma Arma IRM-ED
Dinar Adiatma IRM-RV
Anjar Akrimullah IRM-RV
Fanny Fanny IRM-ED
Furaha Furaha L Mrema_ImportAccount
Damon Damon Monyo-ImportAccount
Godfrey H Godfrey Hussein_ImportAccount
Aron Aron Martin_ImportAccount
Alpha Alpha Ndahoze_ImportAccount
Dorica doricamugusi_ImportAccount
Edger Edger_ImportAccount
Godfrey F Godfrey Faustine_ImportAccount
Gwantwa Gwantwa_Andrew_ImportAccount
Janet janethmlinga_ImportAccount
Mariamu Mariamu Crispo_ImportAccount
Jeff RVR002
David RVR003
Adrian RVR005
Stefani RVR006
Mohamed RVR007
Sam RVR009
Jaclyn VLD001
Annie VLD002
Alexandra VLD003
Sheffield VLD004
Mei VLD005
Joseph VLD006
Kurt VLD007
Pablo VLD008
Yoko VLD009
Klavdija VLD010
Michael VLD011
Paris VLD012
Kailei VLD013
Jen VLD014
Joseph VLD015
Gemma VLD016
Rena VLD017
Lena VLD018
Elizabeth VLD019
Tina VLD020
Diane VLD022
Ian VLD023
Alayna VLD025
Maureen VLD026
Louis VLD027
Ismael VLD028
Sophie VLD030
Savanna VLD033
Christina VLD034
Katherine VLD035
Olympia VLD036
Jacob VLD039
Jonathan VLD042
Casey VLD044
Kaiti VLD046
Elena VLD050
Linzi VLD053
Ryan VLD054
Yonis VLD055
Luxinaree VLD056
Katalin VLD057
John VLD058
Nick VLD059
Jesspher VLD062
Guowei VLD063
Derrick VLD070
Ryan VLD071
Christopher VLD073
Johanna VLD078
Julia VLD083
Hector VLD087
Ashley VLD088
Rena VLD017
Tina VLD020
Ian VLD023
Maureen VLD026
Sophie VLD030
Rowen VLD040
Mike VLD041
Haley VLD043
Brady VLD045
Lewei VLD076
Andre VLD077
Henry VLD080
Joshua VLD085
Steve VLD089
Tukui VLD090
Yanitza VLD092
Amin VLD094
Kayla VLD096
Matthew VLD097
Teesta VLD124
Nayani VLD127
Madduluri VLD129
Srinivas VLD130
Adabala VLD138
Joanna VLD150
Jami VLD151
Brenna VLD152
Ethan VLD155
Mark VLD158
Kohl VLD160
Elisa VLD161
Christopher VLD162
Vladimir VLD163
Meng VLD164
Jackson VLD173
Erica VLD179
Elliot VLD167
Irah VLD172
Abigail VLD174
Ranjhani VLD180
Sergio VLD181
Reed VLD182
Austin VLD185
Pratiksha VLD189
Samuel VLD191
Eliud VLD193
Allyson VLD195
Ian VLD196
Garrett VLD198
Shradha VLD200
Mourya VLD201
Pulumamidi VLD202
Madduluri VLD203
Rasamalla VLD204
Neela VLD205
Saisharath VLD206
Arusula VLD207
Oraganti VLD208
Madagoni VLD209
P.Ravi VLD210
Sravan VLD211
Malka VLD212
Vasireddy VLD213
Marupally VLD214
Darji VLD215
Konda VLD216
Mir VLD217
Priya VLD218
Ramanyam VLD219
Jaddu VLD220
Syam VLD221
Shrirame VLD222
Harika VLD223
Ramya VLD224
B. Navya VLD225
Pavirala VLD226
Sachin VLD227
Aneesha VLD228
Ravali VLD229
Shivanl VLD230
Roshini VLD231
Joseph VLD238
Anusha VLD239
Ramya VLD240
Nitish VLD241
Harish VLD242
Moumita VLD243
Nagaraju VLD244
Reilly VLD270
Harish VLD103
Mahesh VLD106
Narendar VLD109
Chandana VLD110
Devender VLD111
Nashithuddin VLD113
Lavu VLD114
Regu VLD116
Samba VLD117
Kolluri VLD118
Dinesh VLD120
Ponnaboina VLD121
Seelam VLD122
Aadi Bhanu VLD123
Naveen VLD125
Gunapati VLD126
Chittipolu VLD131
Mahesh VLD132
Jammula VLD133
Shubham VLD134
Meka VLD135
Venkata VLD136
Ashok VLD139
Saicharan VLD140
Soundarya VLD141
Rampeesa VLD142
Gumpili VLD143
Abdul VLD144
Vishal VLD145
Bokam VLD146
Satendra VLD147
Manish VLD148
Surendra VLD149
Kavita VLD250
Deepak VLD251
Kambalapally VLD252
Ajay VLD253
Shubham VLD254
Gaurav VLD255
Neeraj VLD256
Md. Nurul VLD257
Shyam VLD258
Sujeet VLD259
Vikas VLD260
Yashwanti VLD261
Rayagiri VLD262
Vodapelly VLD263
Akhila VLD264
Rik VLD311


Possible violations of Organised Editing Guidelines


Edits in Poland without consulting local community, in addition edits were of a dubious quality:


Edits in China without consulting local community, even destroy correct data (such as delete part of name, or change Simplified to Traditional) and describe as a "name restored":