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 Meta Platforms (previously known as Facebook) is a large US social media technology company.

Usage of OSM Data

Meta has been using OpenStreetMap data in its maps around the world since Spring 2018, as announced at State of the Map 2018[1]. Further updates were announced at State of the Map 2019[2] and Mapping USA 2024[3].

Map editing contributions

Meta's mapping contributions are documented at Organised Editing/Activities/Facebook

Initially Meta started importing computer vision data in Egypt without telling anyone, or following the Automated Edits code of conduct or import guidelines. The data was of such poor quality that it was entirely reverted.[4]

Meta has been contributing to OSM via AI-Assisted Road Tracing and Kerala Road Import. Their current project is Map with AI.

Meta have a github page for this project: Facebook OSM Data Team

This project has been featured in the media:

Daylight Map Distribution

Meta provides periodic OSM data snapshots that include all of Meta's fixes for vandalism and known errors in the OSM database, called the Daylight Map Distribution.

Current releases can be found on Typically, a diary will be included to go over the latest changes such as .

The map distribution is composed of multiple independent components:

  • a complete Planet file
    • "composed of 100% OSM data, released under the terms of the Open Database License"[5]
    • the changes are included only after being "validated to contain no malicious vandalism to prevent it from being shown to our users in our display maps"
  • administrative boundaries
  • building footprints (from Microsoft Building Footprint Data)
  • coastlines (from OSMCoastline) [6]
  • ML-detected roads (by Meta) [7]

Meta has described publicly the infrastructure powering the Planet file distribution:

Software contributions

Meta has developed Rapid, based on iD, for easily using the computer vision results. The computer vision software is proprietary and not released.

Facebook acquired Mapillary in June 2020.

Financial contributions

Meta is a gold-level Corporate Member of the Foundation[14]

Meta is a Gold sponsor of MapLibre[15].

Meta has sponsored various OSM events:

Year Event Sponsorship level
2022 State of the Map 2022 Gold[16]
2021 State of the Map 2021 Gold[17]
2020 State of the Map 2020 Gold[18]
HOT Summit 2020 N/A[19]
2019 State of the Map 2019 Gold[20]
State of the Map US 2019 Gold[21]
HOT Summit 2019 Gold[22]
2018 State of the Map 2018 Gold[23]
State of the Map Asia 2018 Gold[24]
State of the Map US 2018 Gold[25]
2017 State of the Map 2017 Silver[26]
State of the Map US 2017 Gold[27]
HOT Summit 2017 N/A
2016 State of the Map 2016 Bronze[28]
State of the Map US 2016 Bronze[29]
2015 State of the Map US 2015 Bronze[30]


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