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Many of these can be used in conjunction with JOSM Validator Rules that may offer autofixes for the issues.

Validation Query Description Reference
Boundary Missing Source An administrative boundary does not contain tag source=* sourcing the origin OSMOSE 2040: Source
Building Road Intersection Flags buildings that intersect/touch center lines of roads. This does not address cases where buildings get really close to roads, but do not overlap them. Atlas: Building Road Intersection
Combinations Missing tags on a given combination, suspicious tag combinations JOSM: combinations
Deprecated Tags Deprecated tagging that needs to be updated JOSM: deprecated
Elevation Some elements, including the peak (natural=peak) and mountain_pass (mountain_pass=yes), has an evelation. This is shown in OSM with tag ele=* in meters. OSMOSE 2020: Elevation
fixme Items tagged with fixme KeepRight 170: fixme tagged items
Geometry Incorrect geometry used or topological issues JOSM: geometry
Highway Highway validations JOSM: highway
Missing Highway The way seems to be a highway=*.

  • Class 20800 "Tag highway missing on junction" : the way have a tag junction=* but without highway=*.
  • Class 20801 "Tag highway missing on oneway" : the way have a tag oneway=* but without highway=*.
  • Class 20803 "Tag highway missing for tracktype or lanes" :
OSMOSE 2080: Missing Highway

CLASS 20800, 20801, 20803, 20804

Missing Oneway on Motorlink Detecting motorway links without oneway tag , which is connected to a highway=motorway with a oneway OSMLint: missing oneway on motorway link
Orphan Nodes Untagged nodes that do not belong to a way
Place without Name The tag place=* must always be used in combination with the tag name=*. OSMOSE 6030: place without name
Powerlines This analysis mainly verifies the continuity of powerlines
  • Class 1 "Lone power tower or pole" :
OSMOSE 7040: power lines

Class 1

Relation Relation validations JOSM: relation
Tunnel and Bridge without Layer This validator detects all the bridges that does not have the tag layer=*. OSMLint: tunnel and bridge without layer
Tunnel/Bridge Max Height Missing maxheight=* or maxheight: * for a tunnel or a way under a bridge. OSMOSE 7130:Tunnel/Bridge
Two Names tag name=* contains two street names, separated by a semicolon, a "/" or a "\". This issue was probably produced by the fusion of two way and the concatenation of the names of streets. OSMOSE 5030 - Two names
Unnecessary Features with unnecessary tags that can be removed JOSM: unnecessary
Wrong Highway on Roundabout Class 1 "Wrong highway on roundabout" : it must match the highest level of connected routes, except highway and trunk. OSMOSE 3010: Class 1 wrong highway on roundabout
Wrong Railway Crossing Checks level crossings if all ways have same layer=* and any way has tag bridge=* or tunnel=*. KeepRight 160: Wrongly Used Railway Crossing Tag