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Starbucks Coffee [1] is the world's largest chain of coffee shops.


  • amenity=cafe
  • name=Starbucks Coffee or name=Starbucks + official_name=Starbucks Coffee
    • Note that it is complicated. As of April 30, 2015, there are 4579 "Starbucks" coffee shops in the database but only 1058 "Starbucks Coffee" coffee shops. Signage often says "Starbucks Coffee", but people typically refer to coffee shop from this chain as "Starbucks". In 2019 it appears that many shops do simply have the name "Starbucks", for example in Prague both "Starbucks Coffee" and "Starbucks" can be found (sometimes on the same street). In any case, the name=* tag should reflect what the sign on the front of the shop says or the most common name in the local language.
    • In Quebec, Canada use name=Café Starbucks or name=Starbucks + official_name=Café Starbucks
  • cuisine=coffee_shop

Do not use generic websites for website=*. Only tag websites of the specific cafe.

Incorrect tagging, do not use